Statistics at Home Office

We publish statistics in the form of commentary, tables and data on alcohol licensing, animals in science, crime, counter terrorism, drug use, migration and policing.

We provide Parliament, government colleagues, academics and wider users amongst the public with reliable statistical information, analysis and advice. Our aim is to support government policy development through provision of a credible evidence base, support monitoring and operational decision making, to aid the accountability of the Home Office to parliament and contribute to making a wide range of data available for public use.

Statistical series

About Home Office Science

Home Office science group is part of the Home Office that brings together the department’s scientists, statisticians, researchers and other analysts. Read our standards and style guide


Immigration statistics

The immigration statistics quarterly publication released on 28 August 2014 will for the first time include figures on the number of people arriving in the UK under the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation scheme. These figures, and those from other relocation schemes, will continue to be published on a quarterly basis.

Operation of Police Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000

‘Operation of Police Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000: arrests, outcomes and stops & searches - Great Britain, financial year ending March 2014’ was originally scheduled for publication at 0930 on 4 September 2014, but has been brought forward to 28 August 2014 due to operational reasons.

Title change

The title of the bi-annual statistical release ‘Police Service Strength, England and Wales’ will be changed to ‘Police Workforce, England and Wales’, starting with the 31 March 2013 edition. This is one part of our plan to move the publication to a more accessible web-based format, in line with most of our other statistical releases. If you have any comments on this plan please contact us at

Table format change

In order to make published figures as accessible as possible to a wide range of users, it is planned to publish tables for all future statistical releases in Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) format rather than Microsoft Excel. The aim is that users with most types of spreadsheet software, including Excel but also open source software, will be able to download and use the ODS format workbooks in much the same way as currently. If you have any comments on these plans please contact us at

Archived statistics

GOV.UK has the most recent Home Office statistics.

Home Office statistics from before May 2010 are found on the National Archive Research Development and Statistics web site.

Official statistics

Home Office official statistics are published independently as part of the code of practice for official statistics. Many of these are National Statistics and subject to assessment by the UK Statistics Authority. They must meet certain criteria, which include being:

  • fit for purpose
  • methodologically sound
  • politically independent
  • transparently produced

For other official statistics, the code represents statistical best practice. We publish information to explain how we comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics (implementing the Statistics and Registration Act 2007):

The ‘Home Office statistical work programme 2014 to 2015’ outlines our outputs, recent developments and future plans.

Contact us

For further information about the implementation of the code of practice, please email the Head of profession for statistics.

For further information on statistics email crime statistics, email migration statistics or email policing and other statistics.