Police use of force statistics

Official statistics on police use of force incidents in England and Wales. The data was collected from all 43 Home Office funded police forces.

These statistics cover incidents where police officers have used force and include: the tactics used, the reason for using force, the outcome, any injuries (to the officers and or the person involved) and personal characteristics (age, gender, ethnicity and health conditions, as perceived by the reporting officer).

From April 2017, all police forces in the UK have been required to record these data. The use of force data collection is intended to hold police forces to account and to provide the public with greater information on the different types of force used and the context in which this occurs.

Statistics on police use of CED (i.e. TASER®) were previously collected on a calendar year basis by the Home Office until 2016 (inclusive). These statistics, for the years 2009 to 2016, can be found at Police use of TASER ® X26 conducted energy devices statistics on GOV.UK. From April 2017, conducted energy devices (CED) data has been collected on a financial year basis (April to March), for inclusion in the police use of force statistical collection. The new figures for CED use from 2017 to 2018 onwards are not comparable with previous figures, due to the new recording methods. More information is available in the ‘User guide to Police use of force statistics, England and Wales’.


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