Guidance and regulation

  1. Police pensions calculator
  2. PACE Code C 2019
  3. PACE Code C 2018
  4. Firearms licensing law 2016
  5. Voluntary police interview: your rights
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News and communications

Research and statistics

  1. Police recorded crime and outcomes open data tables
  2. Responses to CDEI Call for Evidence
  3. Home Office – Statistics at Home Office
  4. Security Situation Statistics for Northern Ireland, period ending 30 September 2019
  5. Drug seizures and arrests in Northern Ireland, period ending 31 March 2019
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Revising PACE Codes C and H
  2. Statutory guidance to police on firearms licensing
  3. Policing and Crime Bill: overarching documents
  4. Policing front line review
  5. MOJ - GMCA Memorandum of Understanding for justice devolution
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. National Lead Force for Fraud
  2. Trade Union Facilities Time 2018/19
  3. Our response to an FOI asking for details of IT purchasing and contracts
  4. Negative response to an FOI asking for details of digital forensic projects
  5. Nil response to an FOI asking for details about crimes relating to Airbnb
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