Guidance and regulation

  1. Police pensions calculator
  2. PACE Code C 2019
  3. Firearms licensing law 2016
  4. The police pensions scheme 2015 member’s guide
  5. Police pension scheme 1987: members’ guide
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News and communications

Research and statistics

  1. Security Situation Statistics for Northern Ireland, period ending 31 July 2020
  2. Police use of firearms statistics, England and Wales: April 2019 to March 2020
  3. National DNA Database statistics
  4. Annual Report for Financial Year statistics on Police recorded injury road traffic collisions and casualties Northern Ireland 2019/20
  5. Police workforce open data tables
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Proposed Policing Inspection Programme and Framework 2020 to 2021
  2. Revising PACE Codes C and E
  3. Police powers: pre-charge bail
  4. Evidence submissions to NCA Remuneration Review Body, 2020 to 2021
  5. Home Office evidence to the Police Remuneration Review Body, 2020 to 2021
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Independent Office for Police Conduct annual report and accounts: 2019 to 2020
  2. Civil Nuclear Police Authority Annual Report and Accounts 2019/20
  3. Prompt payment data for the CNPA - Q1
  4. CNPA spending on government procurement card - June 2020
  5. Monthly spend for the CNPA - June 2020
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