UK visa support for Ukrainian nationals

Guidance on support available to Ukrainian nationals and their family members.

You must not travel to the UK before you have a visa or a letter from the Home Office giving you permission to enter.

Apply to come to the UK

Ukraine Family Scheme

The Ukraine Family Scheme closed at 3pm on 19 February 2024. You can no longer apply under this scheme. You will still receive a decision if you had applied before it closed.

If you were previously eligible the Ukraine Family Scheme, you may be eligible to apply to the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

If you do not have family in the UK, you can apply for the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

The scheme enables people and organisations in the UK (sponsors) to bring Ukrainians and their family members to the UK under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

If you have a sponsor you can:

  • come to the UK for up to 18 months
  • work in the UK
  • access public services and claim benefits

Read more information about applying to the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

Find out how people and organisations record their interest in becoming a sponsor.

Other visas you can apply for

You can make an application to visit, work, study or join family in the UK.  

Check which visas are available.

Proving your identity and providing your documents

You’ll need to book an appointment to have your photo and fingerprints taken at a visa application centre as part of your application.

Children under 5 will not have their fingerprints taken. They still need to book an appointment at a visa application centre to have their photo taken.

At your appointment, you’ll need to prove your identity with any identity documents you may have, such as:

  • a valid international passport
  • a recently expired international passport
  • a valid or recently expired Ukrainian national identity card
  • a combination of official documents which states your identity and nationality – for example, a photo driving licence and birth certificate
  • an emergency certificate issued by a Ukrainian authority since March 2022

For more information, including opening hours and appointment booking, visit the TLS website.

If your appointment is at the visa application centre in Kyiv

If your application is successful, you’ll need to travel to the visa application centre in Warsaw with a valid international passport to collect your visa vignette.

If your appointment is at a different visa application centre

You’ll need to collect your visa vignette at the same visa application centre.

If you’re already in the UK on a visa

If you’re Ukrainian you’ll be able to stay longer. You can apply:

  • to extend your current visa
  • to switch to a different visa

Ukraine Extension Scheme

On 16 May 2024 the Ukraine Extension Scheme closed to most new applications. Applications submitted after 23:59 on 16 May 2024 will not be considered.  

However, the scheme continues to remain open for children who are born in the UK.  

You can apply for your child to have permission under the Ukraine Extension Scheme if both of the following is true: 

  • you have permission to be in the UK under one of the Ukraine Schemes (including the Ukraine Family Scheme) 
  • your child was born in the UK. 

This route does not require a UK-based sponsor.

Extend your visa or switch to a different visa

If you’re Ukrainian, you can also stay in the UK by extending your current visa or switching to another one if you meet the eligibility requirements. You can extend or switch even if your current visa does not usually let you do this.

If you have a Ukrainian family member, you can apply to extend your current visa or switch to another one if your visa allows that.

Check what Ukrainians in the UK on a visa can do.

Ukraine Permission Extension Scheme

If you have been given permission to be in the UK under one of the Ukraine Schemes, you may be able to apply for a further 18 months permission to stay in the UK under the new Ukraine Permission Extension scheme. You’ll be able to apply 3 months before your existing visa is due to expire.

If you’re travelling with pets

Read guidance on bringing pets to the UK from Ukraine.

Contact UK Visas and Immigration

You can phone the free Ukraine helpline if you need help:

Telephone: + 44 808 164 8810

Telephone: +44 (0)175 390 7510 (if you cannot contact UK 0808 numbers)

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4:45pm
  • Friday, 9am to 4:30pm

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  1. Updated information on the Ukraine Extension Scheme. The scheme closed for most new applicants on 16 May 2024.

  2. Updated information to reflect that people with a sponsor can come to the UK for up to 18 months under the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

  3. Updated information on the closing of the Ukraine Family Scheme on 19 February 2024, and the upcoming closure of the Ukrainian Extension Scheme on 16 May 2024.

  4. The helpline is closed on 25 December, 26 December and 1 January.

  5. Updated the way you book an appointment at a visa application centre. Also clarified eligibility for the Ukraine Extension Scheme if you apply for your child born in the UK.

  6. Updated helpline operating hours to include information on bank holidays.

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  11. Amended opening times over the holiday period.

  12. Added a concession to introduce a new eligibility period for the Ukraine Extension Scheme. Eligibility for the Ukraine Extension Scheme has now been extended to allow those who have and continue to arrive after 18 March 2022, until 16 May 2023, to apply.

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  14. Condensed information so it’s clearer and focused on visa support for Ukrainian nationals: - removed links to information that’s included in the Ukraine foreign travel advice section - added links to indefinite leave to remain and EU settled or pre-settled status pages - clarified what you can do if you have a sponsor - added more information about visa application centres - clarified information about staying longer if you’re already in the UK - removed chapter about travelling to the UK urgently as it’s no longer needed

  15. Monday to Friday opening hours for call to the contact centre about the Ukraine Family Scheme have changed to 8am to 8pm.

  16. Updated phone line opening hours.

  17. Added link to Ukraine Extension Scheme guidance.

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