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Finding your way around Ofsted content on GOV.UK

A quick guide on where to find our content on GOV.UK and how to access our archived content.


Now that Ofsted has moved to GOV.UK you’ll find our content is organised differently from before.

One of the main ways to find content on GOV.UK is by searching for it. You can find the GOV.UK search box at the top of any page or you can search straight from Google or any other search engine.

This article should help you navigate your way around our content on GOV.UK while you’re getting used to its new format.

Inspection reports

Our inspection reports are now at and are linked to from our new home page.

Document collections

We’ve created document collections to help you find all content about the inspections we do in the same place:

Good practice examples

We have gathered our good practice examples into collections by subject and you can see these at the bottom of our inspections collections page.

Survey reports

Our subject and thematic survey reports are published as research and analysis publications on GOV.UK and can be found using the filters in the publications search. You can see a list of all our survey reports on GOV.UK.

Consultations and statistics have their own listings.

Archived content

A lot of our older content can still be found in the National Archives. Access our previous press releases, statistics or research using the following links.


There are two pages about complaining to Ofsted:

Our other sites

We also have a suite of other websites, including Parent View, Employer View, Learner View, Data View, the Data Dashboard and Ofsted Online. These are not affected by the move to GOV.UK.

Childcare registrations and payments

There is information about registering to provide childcare and paying a registration and annual fee.

Published 27 January 2015