Childminders and childcare providers: register with Ofsted

  1. Contents

Guidance for childminders, nannies, nurseries and people providing other childcare on when/if you need to register with Ofsted, the process, fees and requirements.

If you’re already registered, you can also get more information about keeping your details up to date, or changing your registration.

Find out about actions that we may take if a childcare provider is not following regulations.

This guidance replaces the old early years and childcare registration handbook. It does not include information on registering as a childminder agency.

  • Childcare and the law

    Introduction to Ofsted's role in registering childcare and the legal basis for our work.

  • Registration exemptions

    Most childcare providers looking after children under the age of 8 must register with Ofsted (or a childminder agency). This chapter explains when you cannot register, and when you do not have to.

  • The Ofsted registers

    There are 2 Ofsted registers: the Early Years Register and the Childcare Register. Find out which to join and how to change registers.

  • Childminders and childcare on domestic premises: registration

    How to register if you want to look after children at home, including what you need to do before you apply, fees, and working elsewhere.

  • Nannies: registration

    The application process for nannies (also known as home childcarers), including what you need to do before you apply, fees, and changes once you're registered.

  • Nurseries and other daycare (childcare on non-domestic premises): registration

    The application process for nurseries, playgroups, before- and after-school clubs and other daycare. This includes fees, who should apply and making changes once you're registered.

  • The registration visit

    If you apply to join the Early Years Register, we will arrange a registration visit. This will normally take place once all your checks are complete, but could happen earlier.

  • Registration requirements

    The requirements you need to follow if you register with Ofsted to look after children.

  • Inspections

    If you are on the Early Years Register, we will carry out regular inspections. We inspect 10% of providers only on the Childcare Register each year.

  • Fees

    Information about the fees that Ofsted charges to register as a childminder, nanny or other childcare provider.

  • Pausing your application

    Situations when we can put your application on hold.

  • Suitability checks

    Details of the checks we carry out, including health checks and what to do if you have lived abroad in the last 5 years.

  • Feedback and contacts

    Let us know what you think of this guidance and how to get in touch if you have an enquiry about registration.