Children's social care providers

Registering, inspections, complaints, roles and responsibilities, Ofsted safeguarding policy, complaints.


  1. Childcare and children's social care health declaration form

    Health declaration form for childminders and people who work in childcare or children's social care.

  2. Register as a children's social care provider: 'fit person' assessment questionnaires

    Forms for assessing your fitness to be a children's social care provider. There are separate forms for children's homes.

  3. Complain about an Ofsted inspection report

    You can complain about an Ofsted inspection report if you think there was a problem - the inspection process, how the inspection was conducted, the outcome of the inspection

  4. Tell Ofsted about an incident: children's social care notification form

    Online form for adoption or fostering agencies, children's homes and residential family centres. Downloadable form for residential holiday schemes for disabled children.

  5. Become a children's social care provider: SC2 declaration and consent form

    SC2 declaration and consent form for registered children’s social care providers.

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News and communications

  1. Ofsted launches point-in-time surveys
  2. Local area SEND inspection outcome letters
  3. Direction issued to Wakefield council
  4. Improvement notice issued to Lancashire county council
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Research and statistics

  1. Joint inspections of the response to child sexual abuse in the family environment
  2. Surrey children’s services: report to the Secretary of State
  3. Joint inspections of child sexual exploitation and missing children
  4. Children's social care data in England 2018
  5. Growing up neglected: a multi-agency response to older children
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Proposed changes to joint inspections of secure training centres
  2. A single inspection of voluntary adoption agencies
  3. Children’s social care providers: inspection frequency and fees
  4. Joint targeted area inspections
  5. Inspecting multi-agency safeguarding arrangements
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Ofsted Inspectors: lists
  2. Section 31 grant determination letter: Greater Manchester Combined Authority
  3. Section 31 grant determination letter: Manchester Arena bombing funding
  4. HM Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills annual report 2006 to 2007
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