Centre for Defence Enterprise case studies

A collection of case studies from CDE-funded organisations.

CDE Marketplace 6 September 2016

Case studies from the organisations who will pitch their ideas at the CDE Marketplace on 6 September 2016.

  1. Live maps for unmanned air systems
  2. Analysing data for autonomous situational awareness
  3. Linguistic summary of sensor data to reduce data deluge
  4. Improving intelligence data processing and enhancing situational awareness
  5. Maritime autonomous navigation in GPS-limited environments
  6. Mimicking ants to develop capability of autonomous vehicles
  7. Command and control of autonomous vehicle groups in changing environments
  8. Dynamic generation of 3D maps using descending cameras
  9. Automatic verification and fusion of open-source intelligence
  10. Visual search and linkage tool
  11. Learning to trust the crowd
  12. Experience-based localisation
  13. Hypothesis generation and visualisation from big data
  14. A synthetic environment for autonomous systems
  15. Battlefield cell-based therapy
  16. Improving efficiency and stability of diamond semiconductors
  17. Dynamic cyber situational awareness tool
  18. Reducing power and improving safety for cooling applications
  19. Extracting visual navigation data from open-source imagery
  20. Tools for data compression
  21. Streamlining decision making in threatening situations
  22. Timeline visualisation for provenance-based big data sensemaking
  23. Reducing the workload of an intelligence analyst
  24. Real-time interactive query language
  25. Quantum random number generator microchip for secure communications
  26. Position location through environmental recognition
  27. Unmanned ground vehicle localisation without GNSS
  28. Trustworthiness of information from big data sets
  29. Knowledge based autonomous big data validation

CDE Marketplace 27 April 2016

Case studies from the organisations who pitched their ideas at the CDE Marketplace on 27 April 2016.

  1. Analysing the effect of a cyber-attack on a mission
  2. Developing better wireless communications technology for the military
  3. Improved relays for radiation-resistant and high-temperature electronics
  4. Personal radio-locator system for soldiers
  5. New high-power energy storage devices
  6. Improving performance of chaff countermeasures through the use of microwires
  7. Using low-power light to reduce infection risk and increase tissue repair after injury
  8. 3D printing synthetic bones for blast injury research
  9. Portable blood salvage device to improve survivability of severely injured personnel
  10. An innovative compressor design to improve infrared imaging performance
  11. Research and development of passive missile–borne radar
  12. High-resolution imaging from smaller apertures
  13. Reducing time to reach mission readiness
  14. Helping instructors with improved immersive training system
  15. Improving training effectiveness with Google Glass
  16. Closing the training loop with the novel use of learning data
  17. A graphically hosted objective solution for training
  18. Identifying strengths and weaknesses with virtual-reality skills tests
  19. Agile training for explosive ordnance search teams
  20. Using simulation for better Armoured Fighting Vehicle training
  21. Training soldiers using an augmented-reality environment
  22. Adding wearable technologies into simulation experiences
  23. Simulation technology for social-media training
  24. Ultra-lightweight optical system for aerial ground imaging
  25. New infrared sensing capabilities for persistent surveillance
  26. Saving power and frequency requirements with new radar communication framework
  27. Persistent surveillance from the air with novel radar system
  28. Detecting radio-frequency emissions more accurately
  29. Communications from high-altitude unmanned air systems
  30. Developing lightweight wide-area infrared surveillance
  31. Small sensors for high-resolution imaging and video
  32. Laser radar system for high-resolution 3D imaging

DSEI 2015

Case studies from the SMEs and universities who pitched their ideas at the SME Showcase at DSEI 2015.

CDE Marketplace 5 February 2015

Case studies from the SMEs and universities who pitched their ideas to industry and investors at the CDE Marketplace event.

  1. Stand-off detection and classification of chemicals
  2. Transmitting video data securely over unreliable networks
  3. Innovative clothing for injured service personnel
  4. Securing against the insider threat
  5. Computer simulations to help in antimicrobial drug development
  6. Protecting information from an insider threat
  7. Quick detection of cyber insider threats
  8. Developing face-recognition technology
  9. Compact system to monitor patient’s vital signs
  10. New solution for future SONAR advantage
  11. Supporting injured troops on the battlefield
  12. Flexible digital interoperability across security domains
  13. Ultra-sensitive detection of explosives and chemicals
  14. Easing big-data information overload and precision navigation
  15. Improving intelligence libraries for streaming data
  16. Active mine protection systems
  17. Immersive 3D visualisation
  18. Improving small arms training for the Royal Navy
  19. Bladesense: energy management in a blade fuse
  20. Improving responses to cyber-attacks
  21. Improving the lives of service personnel
  22. Protecting our armed forces with 3D printing
  23. Cyber defence: securing against the insider threat
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