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Stand-off detection and classification of chemicals

Case study from Glasgow-based Amethyst Research Limited who pitched their ideas at the CDE Marketplace on 5 February 2015.

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With CDE funding, Amethyst Research Limited has developed detector technology for stand-off chemical sensing.

Amethyst Research is an SME established in the UK in 2013.

It has developed a technologically disruptive, ultra-high performance infrared detector and assessed the manufacturing supply chain, exploiting the UK’s semiconductor expertise.

The detector technology can be used for the stand-off detection and identification of chemicals via their Raman spectral fingerprints, and for high-resolution imaging applications, for defence and commercial uses. Such applications include seeing through smoke and fog as well as monitoring of pipeline integrity.

Chief Executive Officer Terry Golding says:

CDE funding has been critical to Amethyst being able to develop this critical technology, to stress test the UK manufacturing supply chain, and to transition to a commercial product. In addition to funding, CDE has placed us with key strategic partners that ensure that this technology is rapidly inserted into MOD platforms, and for us as an SME to establish commercial avenues for the detectors

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Published 5 February 2015