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Personal radio-locator system for soldiers

Case study from PacTec who pitched their ideas to industry and investors at the CDE Marketplace on 27 April 2016.

Screenshot showing satellite image with multiple points mapped representing the SPIN network members. Credit: PacTec
Screenshot showing satellite image with multiple points mapped representing the SPIN network members. Credit: PacTec

Through Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) funding, PacTec has developed a prototype personal radio-locator system for the dismounted soldier. Known as the Squad Positioning Intelligence Network (SPIN), the system provides real-time 3-dimensional location information for all the nodes.

Running on a self-aware network (SAN) where all members of the SAN are aware of each other’s location, SPIN is designed to operate in buildings or GPS-denied areas. This is important as individual geolocation will likely form an integral part of next-generation military communication, navigation and command and control systems.

In the future, the technology developed through SPIN could provide more reliable, secure and robust personal communication, navigation and situational infrastructure to support the soldier in the field.

Further development of the technology will focus on personal awareness and direction-facing functions, coupled with voice and grid reference data for emergency response teams who need to be aware of their members’ locations at all times. Potential applications could include mobile search-and-secure tasks in urban warfare and anti-terrorist operations.

Paul McCormack, Managing Director, PacTec, says:

CDE support and financial assistance has provided industry-standard endorsement for our technology, it has ensured that our technology and expertise is visible and that our route-to-market has been greatly enhanced. In short, CDE has provided us with a Kitemark for our product.

PacTec is a Northern Ireland-based micro-SME with key technology expertise in radio frequency and software / hardware integration.

View the pitch presentations.

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Published 19 April 2016