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Creating camouflage that can change colour

Case study from Bristol-based Folium Optics who showcased at DSEI 2015.

Image of the adaptive camouflage proof-of-concept plate.

With funding from the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE), Folium Optics has developed technology for adaptive camouflage – camouflage that can change its colour to better match the background.

The proof-of-concept research funding allowed Folium Optics to successfully demonstrate solutions that can switch between any of the colours that are normally used in camouflage.

Folium Optics Adaptive Camouflage technology

In the future, a total system using this adaptive camouflage could be used on a vehicle to allow the crew to switch between different camouflage patterns depending on the type of terrain they are operating in.

Folium Optics uses plastic as the core technology of the adaptive camouflage, which means it’s robust, thin and can be any shape - even curved. The displays used in the technology are very efficient, have very low power consumption and work well, even in bright sunlight.

Dr Stephen Kitson, Managing Director, Folium Optics says:

The funding and support from CDE has allowed us to engage for the first time in the defence sector. It’s enabled us to significantly advance the state of the art and to rapidly explore the opportunities in this sector.

Folium Optics was founded in November 2013 to develop novel plastic display technologies. Based in Bristol, the company currently has 7 employees.

View the presentation slides.

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Published 16 September 2015
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