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Active mine protection systems

Case study from Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Ltd who pitched their ideas at the CDE Marketplace on 5 February 2015.


Derby-based Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Limited (ABBS) has received funding from CDE for 4 projects over 6 years.

They include 2 projects involving active mine protection systems (AMPS).

One is proof-of-concept testing of AMPS technologies which are designed to directly counteract mine and improvised explosive device forces acting on armoured vehicles.

Another is the development of a novel linear rocket motor concept, which would be suitable for the armoured vehicle AMPS systems.

ABBS was founded in 2008 when the first AMPS concept was identified. It has just one employee – the founder and Managing Director, Roger Sloman.

Having worked independently to develop the technology from 2008 to 2012 with the CDE funding, Roger Sloman then worked with e2v Ltd and The Falcon Project Ltd on the specialist technologies required using the Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK) and private funding.

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Published 5 February 2015