The Newton-Katip Celebi Fund: Turkey

The Fund aims to create the opportunity to build strong partnerships between UK and Turkish scientists, researchers and institutions.

About Newton-Katip Celebi Fund

The Newton Fund is a £735 million-programme launched in 2014. It forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA). Turkey is one of 18 partner countries under the Fund. The Fund aims to develop science and innovation capacity in beneficiary countries and contribute to their economic development. By collaborating on bilateral and multilateral programmes with a research and innovation focus, the intention is to build strong, sustainable, systemic relationships between the UK and Turkey.

The Fund creates the opportunity to build strong partnerships between UK and Turkish scientists, researchers and institutions. Areas of focus under the Fund in Turkey are likely to include lifelong health and welfare, agriculture and food security, disaster and risk management, energy and climate change and Social Sciences and Humanities.

The UK and Turkey have each committed to allocate up to £4 million per year for the duration of the Fund - £56 million in total.

In each Newton Fund partner country, a prominent scholar has been chosen to jointly name the Fund. In Turkey the official name of the Fund is Newton-Katip Celebi Fund. Katip Celebi was a renowned Ottoman scholar who specialised in history and geography.

Implementing Organisations

UK Turkey Identified themes for Turkey
Academies (British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society), British Council, Innovate UK, Research Councils UK The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Lifelong Health And Welfare, Agriculture and Food Security, Disaster and Risk Management, Energy and Climate Change, Social Sciences and Humanities (Cross-cutting)


The fund will cover three broad categories of activity:


Improving science and innovation expertise (known as ‘capacity building’), student and researcher fellowships, mobility schemes and joint centres


Research collaborations on development topics


Innovation partnerships and challenge funds to develop innovative solutions on development topics

Structure of the Fund / How It Works

Implementing organisations in the UK agree individual cooperation programmes with their Turkish counterpart, under the Newton Katip-Celebi Fund framework. The Newton Katip-Celebi Fund is overseen by a joint UK-Turkey Steering Committee whose members include implementing partners, TUBITAK and the Department for Business, Energy, Industrial Strategy (BESI). The UK and Turkish partners launch calls jointly or separately, depending on the individual programme. While some of the calls will focus on fellowships for mobility between Turkey and the UK, others will cover research cooperation between universities and research institutions. There will also be calls for private sector collaboration.

Open Call 1

The Newton-Kâtip Çelebi Fund Institutional Links Grant Programme applications are now open!

Newton-Kâtip Çelebi Fund is part of the wider Newton Fund Research and Innovation Collaboration Programme which aims to build UK-Turkey research and innovation partnerships centred on shared research and innovation challenges which have direct relevance to the Turkey’s social welfare and economic development. The Institutional Links Programme is designed to establish links beyond the level of the individual researcher, giving opportunities for more sustainable research collaboration.

The programme will provide small-scale seed funding to:

  • Initiate new research and innovation partnerships between groups, departments and institutions in Turkey and the UK
  • Develop existing partnerships at group, departmental and institutional level
  • Establish local hubs for UK-Turkey activity in a particular research area, enabling engagement from the wider research community

These grants are delivered under the Newton-Kâtip Çelebi Fund and are supported by the both the UK and Turkish governments, Delivery Partners being British Council and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), respectively. The Fund aims to promote the economic development and welfare of either Turkey or, through working together, to address the problems of low-income and vulnerable populations in Turkey.

Size of the grant:

Up to £150,000 for the UK institution

Up to 720.000 TL for projects from Engineering & Physical Sciences and 360.000 TL for projects from Social Sciences and Humanities for the Turkish institution


8th June 2018 2018, 16:00 UK time/17:30 Turkey time.

How to Apply

Applications have to be submitted to the Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and British Council by the Turkish Project Investigator (PI) and the UK PI respectively.

Turkish PI Application:

The Turkish PI should complete the online application through TÜBİTAK project application system. Please note that all Turkish researchers who apply must be registered on TÜBİTAK ARBİS-Researcher Information System.

Important Notice: After submission of the application by the Turkish PI, the TÜBITAK application form should be saved as a pdf document and shared with the UK partner to be uploaded as an annex with the UK application.

UK PI Application:

The UK PI should complete the online application form here. A word docx version of the application form is available from ‘the downloads’ section. This is intended to give applicants knowledge of the questions in the online application form only, and cannot be used to submit an application. UK applicants must submit the TÜBİTAK application form, provided by their Turkish partner in PDF format, as an annex to their UK application.

Important Notice: The UK PI must submit the completed TÜBİTAK application form, provided by their Turkish partner in pdf format, as an annex to their UK application. Otherwise, the application will not be considered as eligible.


Turkish applicants should address their queries or comments about this call to Eylem Atay, email address

UK applicants should address their queries or comments about this call to Funda Demir Yalcintas, email address

Open Call 2

The UK-Turkey joint workshop grant has been launched by TUBITAK!

Distinguished Researcher,

Within the framework of Newton - Katip Çelebi Fund, the UK-Turkey joint workshops, seminars and scientific meetings to be organized in Turkey will be supported by TUBITAK 2223-D Organizing Events for Cooperation and Priority Areas Grant. The events are expected to contribute to the target of working on joint research projects aimed at developing the scientific and technological cooperation between Turkey and the United Kingdom and identifying common priority areas as well.

The maximum budget per event is 50,000 Turkish liras (~£ 9,000).This support includes travel, accommodation and subsistence of the participants who will be participating in the event from home or abroad; expenses for banner, announcement, brochure, meeting schedule, badge card, photocopy, memo pad, USB memory, pen and venue rental.

The deadline for this grant is 31 May 2018. The details of the call can be found in Turkish here

Further Info on Calls

The open calls can be monitored from the official website of the Newton Fund, from the web sites of the different UK Delivery Partners, British Council, Royal Society, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, RCUK, InnovateUK and from the TUBITAK web site.

Contact Details

Pinar Cetin, Newton Fund Project Manager


Phone +90 312 455 33 84

Fax +90 312 455 33 56

Asli Akcayoz, Newton Fund Programme Coordinator


Phone +90 312 455 32 37

Fax +90 312 455 33 56

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