Research and innovation in health and social care

Guidance and regulation

  1. Attributing the costs of health and social care research
  2. Code of conduct for data-driven health and care technology
  3. Health research ethics committees: governance arrangements
  4. LAC(DH)(2013)02: Charging for residential and non-residential social care
  5. Assistive technology for disabled and older people: research and development work
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News and communications

  1. Health technology can help spot serious illness and prevent it
  2. Faster access to treatment and new technology for 500,000 patients
  3. Matt Hancock launches tech vision to build the most advanced health and care system in the world
  4. Matt Hancock: new technology is key to making NHS the world's best
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Research and statistics

  1. Tuberculosis (TB): regional and devolved administration reports
  2. Priorities for adult social work research
  3. Brain tumour research: task and finish working group report
  4. The fostering system in England: review
  5. New Orleans intervention model: early implementation
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. The future of healthcare: our vision for digital, data and technology in health and care
  2. National Data Guardian 2017 report
  3. Genomics plc: analytics driving a revolution in healthcare
  4. Molecular Warehouse: monitoring transplant patients by mobile
  5. Biosignatures: new cancer screening technology set for approval
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Assistive technology: research and development
  2. National Information Board (NIB) annual report: 2016
  3. Medical Research Council annual report and accounts 2013 to 2014
  4. Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund: new awards 2013 to 2014
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