Statistics at DWP

We publish statistics on employment programmes, household income, benefits, pensions and other subjects we are responsible for.

Our National Statistics and official statistics provide accurate and comprehensive information about our client groups, benefits, employment programmes, households living in poverty and other relevant subjects.

Latest statistics

The list of latest statistics from DWP allows you to refine the results using keywords and other filters.

We publish regular statistical summaries of benefit data.

Future statistics release calendars

Planned releases of DWP official statistics are listed on the Statistics release calendar. If we have to change a pre-announced release date for operational reasons we will explain why.

We also publish a list of upcoming ad hoc statistical analyses.

Ad hoc statistics are not part of our regular official statistics series or other analytical outputs. All our published ad hoc statistics are listed separately.


Stat-Xplore is another way to explore DWP statistics. It currently holds statistics on:

  • Housing Benefit claimant data
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) sanctions
  • National Insurance number allocations to adult overseas nationals entering the UK
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Benefit Cap
  • Universal Credit

Use Stat-Xplore to:

  • create customised tabulations
  • view results in interactive charts
  • share outputs via social networking tools or download into common file formats

Tabulation tool

Our tabulation tool lets you download and customise DWP National Statistics on:

  • benefit caseloads
  • benefit on and off flows
  • employment programmes
  • National Insurance contributions and qualifying years and second tier pension provision – taken from the Lifetime Labour Market Database

Data visualisations

You can visualise and customise DWP data using animated charts presented through Google’s Public Data Explorer tool. The visualisations use our out-of-work benefits statistics and Work Programme statistics.

Statistics collections

Policies and procedures for DWP statistics

We’ve published our policies and procedures for DWP statistics in the interests of transparency and to comply with the UK Statistics Authority code of practice.

Pre-release access to statistics

We’ve published the DWP arrangements for pre-release access to statistics in the interests of openness and transparency.

Departments are required to publish this information by the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order 2008. They must publish details of the statistical releases to which the order applies, the job titles of everyone who has pre-release access and the organisations to which they belong.

We’ve brought together our responses to Freedom of Information requests related to DWP statistics.

Contacts for statistics

General enquiries Contact
General statistical enquiries
0191 216 6101
Forecasting, trends and projections
Analytical tools and model development

Specific subjects

Subject Contact
Abstract of statistics
0191 216 6263
Access to Work
0114 2948831
Benefit cap
0191 216 6138
Child Support Agency summary statistics
0191 216 8457
Child Maintenance Service experimental statistics
0191 216 8457
Diffuse Mesothelioma Scheme
0207 449 5666
Employment and Support Allowance (ESA): sanctions
0191 216 8990
ESA: Outcomes of Work Capability Assessment
0191 216 2939
Family Resources Survey
020 7449 7341
Fraud and error in the benefits system
0191 216 6840
Help to Work
020 7449 5630
Households Below Average Income
020 7449 7337
Housing Benefit
0191 216 6263
Housing Benefit entitlement reductions
Income dynamics
Income-related benefits: estimates of take-up
020 7449 5359
Income Support (ISLP) regime
0114 2408639
Jobcentre Plus Pathways to Work (now ceased)
0114 2948831
Jobseekers: Six Month Offer (now ceased)
0113 251 9025
Jobseeker’s Allowance: sanctions
0191 216 8990
Life opportunities survey
020 7449 5046
Lone parents receiving JSA
0191 216 6263
Mandatory Work Activity
0114 209 8208
Monthly statistical summary
0191 216 6263
NI contributions and qualifying years
0191 216 6263
New Enterprise Allowance
0114 209 8208
NI number allocations to adult overseas nationals entering the UK
0114 209 8236
Pensioners income series
020 7449 7464
Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
0114 209 8236
Provider-Led Pathways to Work (now ceased)
0114 2948831
Quarterly statistical summary
0191 216 6263
Second-tier pension provision
0191 216 6263
Tax benefit model (now ceased)
0191 216 6263
Universal Credit
0114 2098214
0207 2453857
Winter Fuel Payments
0191 216 6263
Work Programme
020 7449 5630
Workplace pension participation and savings trends
Young Person’s Guarantee: Future Jobs Fund
0113 251 9025
Youth Contract
0114 209 8208
Youth Unemployment Innovation Fund pilot
0114 240 8697