Pensioners' Incomes Series statistics

Annual statistics about pensioners’ incomes

This collection contains estimates of the levels, sources and distribution of pensioners’ incomes.

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Data on Stat-Xplore

UK-level Pensioners’ Incomes (PI) Series data is available from financial year ending (FYE) 1995 to FYE 2021 on the Stat-Xplore online tool.

You can use Stat-Xplore to create your own PI analysis. The PI information is available at family (benefit unit) level.

Read the user guide to PI data on Stat-Xplore.


We are seeking feedback from users on this release of PI data on Stat-Xplore – email with your comments.

Latest release

Background information and guidance

Access the underlying data used to produce the statistics through the UK data archive. Read guidance on accessing sensitive versions of the data.

Read a guide to sources of data on earnings and income as well as further information on income and earning statistics, both published by the Office for National Statistics.

Previous releases

Find archived pensioners’ income statistics on The National Archives website.

Published 11 July 2013
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