Pensioners' incomes series statistics

Annual statistical releases about pensioners’ incomes.

This series contains estimates of the levels, sources and distribution of pensioners’ incomes. They include information about gross and net income, both before and after housing costs. The ‘after housing costs’ estimates better reflect the income pensioners actually have to spend.

The publication is based on 2 household surveys:

Information has come from the Family Resources Survey since financial year 1994/95.

There is contact information and more about DWP statistics on the Statistics at DWP page.

Statistical releases

  1. Pensioners’ incomes series: financial year 2013/14

    • National Statistics
  2. Pensioners' incomes series: financial year 2012/13

    • National Statistics
  3. Pensioners' incomes series: financial year 2011/12

    • National Statistics
  4. Pensioners' incomes series: financial year 2010/11

    • National Statistics
  5. Pensioners’' Incomes Series 2009/10

    • National Statistics