Research at DWP

Our research and analysis activity supports our policies and services.

We collect and interpret information on the knowledge, behaviour, views and perceptions of partner organisations and service users. We also analyse data to understand trends and produce forecasts of benefit expenditure and caseloads. We use in-house expertise and commissioned research to meet the needs of the department.

Research and analysis publications

All our research and analysis publications from 2010 are in Publications: Research and analysis. You can add keywords and other filters to refine the search results.

Our research publications are also listed in these collections:

We also publish communications and customer insight research.

Older research publications

You can find older research publications on The National Archives website.

Upcoming research

Read our list of upcoming research publications.


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DWP research reports style guide

Authors producing research reports for the department should read our DWP research reports style guide.

Research contracts

You can find a list of any current research contracts on Contracts finder.

We commission social and economic research from a framework of approved suppliers. A framework is an agreement with a group of suppliers, which sets out the terms and conditions under which specific purchases can be made. All suppliers on the framework have been approved to supply DWP. There is no commitment from DWP on the volume of work that will be given to suppliers. We advertise in the national press and trade publications for any requirements not met by the framework.

For more information and advice about the framework contract, please email

Our research and analysis strategy

Our research and analysis strategy covers the following areas.

Policy development

We provide research and briefing to ministers and senior managers to support the department’s work.

Monitoring and analysis

We monitor and analyse relevant developments in society to assess their effect on our policies.

We produce benefit expenditure and caseload forecasts taking into account demographic, economic, social and policy factors.

Strategic research

Examples of strategic research include our longitudinal studies. A longitudinal study involves repeated observations of the same variables over long periods of time – often many decades. The families and children longitudinal study covers working age families with children. The English longitudinal study of ageing provides data on the implications of labour market history for health and financial circumstances in later life. We also contribute to the British Social Attitudes survey, General Household Survey and the Millennium Cohort Study.


We evaluate programmes and policies – for example employment programmes and the European Social Fund programme.

Expert advice

We can provide expert advice from our own staff or from national experts funded by the research budget.

Evidence reviews

We provide evidence reviews – detailed reports that provide evidence to support policies, decision making and services.

Good practice guidance

Our research produces good practice guidance for staff in our businesses and for our partners.

The department keeps in touch with other researchers working on pensions, disability and employment. It also maintains close links with other funding bodies, including the Economic and Social Research Council and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation who are the other two main funders of social security research.

The department has good working relations with the major independent research organisations and the academic research community. DWP researchers are part of the Government Social Research Service.

DWP statistics

We also publish statistics. Read more about Statistics at DWP.