DWP ad hoc research

This page brings together Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) ad hoc research reports.

Ad hoc research reports are usually shorter than our standard research reports and are produced from smaller pieces of work. They include:

  • polling research
  • research and analysis in non-standard formats, for example presentations
  • early findings that we publish before a full report
  • distinct pieces of work created within larger projects
  • reports that we have previously categorised as working papers

We prepare ad hoc research reports in line with the Government Social Research standards.

We publish details of upcoming reports the week before publication.

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Older reports

Older ad hoc research reports are available on The National Archives website.

Ad hoc research from 2023

Ad hoc research from 2021

Ad hoc research from 2019

Ad hoc research from 2018

Ad hoc research from 2017

Ad hoc research from 2016

Published 17 April 2014
Last updated 25 May 2023 + show all updates
  1. Added 2 research reports: 'Health Transformation Programme evaluation strategy' and 'Work Coach provision of employment support'.

  2. Added 'Bereavement Support Payment claimants – summary statistics, April 2017 to March 2020' to the 2021 list of DWP ad hoc research reports.

  3. Added COVID-19 Employer Pulse Survey: interim summary report ad hoc report to the collection page.

  4. Added 'Examination of the links between parental conflict and substance misuse and the impacts on children’s outcomes' to ad hoc research from 2021.

  5. Added 'Ethnic minority labour market participation interventions: part 2' and 'Universal Credit: in-work progression randomised controlled trial'.

  6. Added a link to DWP ad hoc research report no. 73 'Sickness absence and health: employer behaviour and practice'.

  7. Added 'Private providers of occupational health services: interim report'.

  8. Added 'Planning and preparing for later life: social survey study'.

  9. Added 'Ethnic minority labour market participation interventions: part 1'.

  10. Added 'Local Family Offer pilot: evaluation of phase 1'.

  11. Added 'Automatic enrolment evaluation report 2018'.

  12. Added 'Pension Wise service evaluation 2017 to 2018: customer experiences and outcomes'.

  13. Added 'Jobseeker's Allowance: weekly work search review trial'.

  14. Added 'Universal Credit: understanding its impact on the labour market'.

  15. Added 'Universal Credit: understanding its impact on the labour market'.

  16. Added 'Jobseeker’s Allowance sanctions early warning trial evaluation: final report'.

  17. Added 'GOALS UK's Step Up and Timewise Foundation's Earnings Progression and Flexible Career Pathways in Retail: an evaluation'.

  18. Added 'Personal Independence Payment evaluation: wave 2 claimant research interim findings'.

  19. Added 'Automatic enrolment evaluation strategy 2017' and 'Automatic enrolment review 2017: analytical report'.

  20. Added 'Child maintenance arrears: proactive use of part payment'.

  21. Added 'Pension Wise service evaluation: customer experiences and outcomes'.

  22. Added: 'Universal Credit and social landlords: review of the Trusted Partner Pilot', 'Universal Credit employment impact analysis: update' and 'Self-employment Working Tax Credits claimant survey and follow-up research'.

  23. Added 'Employment and Support Allowance trials 2015'.

  24. Added 'Personal Independence Payment evaluation: wave 1 claimant survey findings'.

  25. Added 'Fuller Working Lives: evidence base 2017' report.

  26. Added 'Jobseeker’s Allowance sanctions early warning trial evaluation: interim report (DWP ad hoc research report 43)'.

  27. Added 'Child Support Agency case closure outcomes survey (RR935)', 'Child Maintenance Service Direct Pay clients survey (RR931)', 'Child Support Agency case closure communications (ad hoc research 39)' and 'Child Maintenance Service exit survey (ad hoc research 42)'.

  28. Added 'Automatic enrolment evaluation report 2016'.

  29. Added 'Attitudes to working in later life: British Social Attitudes 2015'.

  30. Added 'Pension Wise service evaluation: wave 1 interim findings'.

  31. Added 'Labour market learning, innovation and local flexibilities evaluation'.

  32. Added 3 new reports: 'Work Programme: factors associated with differences in the relative effectiveness of prime providers' (Ad hoc RR 26), 'Intensive Activity Programme trial evaluation' (RR925) and 'Supervised Jobsearch Pilots trial evaluation' (RR928).

  33. Added the 'Universal Credit evaluation framework 2016'.

  34. Added 'Evaluation of the Universal Support delivered locally trials'.

  35. Added 'What works to enhance inter-parental relationships and improve outcomes for children'.

  36. Published ad hoc research 'New State Pension: impact on an individual’s pension entitlement – longer term effects'.

  37. Added 'Communications with local authorities and the Targeted Affordability Fund: local authority insight survey wave 29'.

  38. Added research reports 'Universal Credit: research with single claimants, including those with housing costs' and 'Universal Credit: estimating the early labour market impacts: updated analysis'.

  39. Added 'New State Pension: impact on an individual’s pension entitlement during the first 15 years' to the collection.

  40. Published 'Housing Benefit subsidy regime: local authority insight survey wave 30'.

  41. Added local authority insight survey wave 28 report about Universal Credit.

  42. Published research report on pensioner income projections.

  43. Added ad hoc report 22 - The feasibility of conducting a Universal Credit panel survey

  44. Published research on Employer attitudes to fuller working lives.

  45. Added Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) 'signing on' trials: evaluation.

  46. Added ad hoc report: Understanding the costs and savings to public services of different treatment pathways for clients dependent on opiates.

  47. Published new report: Attitudes of the over 50s to fuller working lives.

  48. Published ad hoc research reports about the use of social media for research and analysis and Universal Credit employers' insight.

  49. Published benefit cap evaluation reports.

  50. Published ad hoc research report: Local authority insight survey wave 26: removal of access to Housing Benefit for European Economic Area (EEA) jobseekers.

  51. Report added 'Automatic enrolment opt out rates: findings from qualitative research with employers staging in 2014'.

  52. Added "Scenario analysis of future pension incomes"

  53. Published research reports about evaluating the impact of Universal Credit on the labour market.

  54. Added new research report "Defined Ambition pensions: summary of evidence".

  55. Published new ad hoc research about the Code of Good Practice for pension incenticve exercises.

  56. Published research report: The Innovation Fund pilots - qualitative evaluation.

  57. First published.