Research and analysis

Supervised Jobsearch Pilots trial evaluation

These reports explore the effectiveness of the Supervised Jobsearch Pilots (SJP) in improving claimants’ job-search activity.


Research report: Supervised Jobsearch Pilots evaluation

Quantitative impact assessment of the Supervised Jobsearch Pilots


The SJP were designed to test whether intensive support and supervision improved claimants’ job search skills and increased their likelihood of moving off benefit and into work.

The research explores:

  • the extent to which the pilots moved participants closer to work (for example through increases in job-search and work related activity, changes in attitude to work), off benefit and into work
  • why the pilot interventions did or did not have an impact on benefit and employment outcomes
  • the support delivered and claimant experience
  • whether the tested model is the most effective design and how the provision could be improved
  • the costs and benefits of SJP using the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) cost-benefit framework

Authors: Ash Patel, Ann Purvis, Nick Coleman (Learning and Work Institute), Martin Moran (DWP)

We have separately trialled another approach to improving claimants’ job search capability, through the Intensive Activity Programme.

Published 4 August 2016