Research and analysis

Intensive Activity Programme trial evaluation

These reports evaluate the Intensive Activity Programme (IAP) trial to help new benefit claimants move into work sooner.



The IAP was a trial of support and activities that some benefit claimants had to complete within 21 days of making a new claim. It was designed to help them find work sooner.

This research helps us to understand:

  • whether IAP helped claimants move into work
  • the nature of the support and claimant experience of IAP
  • changes in clamants’ attitude, self-confidence, motivation and jobseeking behaviours
  • what aspects of the programme were most effective, and for whom
  • how different claimants responded to IAP
  • staff views of IAP

We will use the research to inform the development of the IAP for 18 to 21 year olds, to be introduced in April 2017, and to inform decisions on future policy for other age groups.

Claimant research authors: Becci Newton, Jonathan Buzzeo, Rosa Marvell, Ellie Snowden, Alice Broughton (Institute for Employment Studies)

Evidence synthesis authors: Will Downes, Martin Moran (DWP)

Published 4 August 2016