Winter Fuel Payment statistics

A collection of Winter Fuel Payment statistics. Covers caseload and household data as well as payments in EEA countries and Switzerland.

These statistics present tables on Winter Fuel Payment caseloads and households. From September 2014, they also include a statistical bulletin which highlights the main features of the data.

Further statistics are available on Winter Fuel payments by EEA country and Switzerland. These provide data on:

  • the number of payments made to eligible individuals
  • total expenditure by country

Next release

The next planned release for these statistics is September 2015.

Background to the benefit

Winter Fuel Payments were introduced in 1997 to help older people meet the costs of heating their homes in winter. They are paid in a lump sum each winter.

Contacts and more information

There is contact information and more about DWP statistics on the Statistics at DWP page.

Winter Fuel Payment: payments and expenditure by EEA country and Switzerland

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User views questionnaire

We are interested in gathering user views on these statistics. Please complete our Winter Fuel Payment statistics: user questionnaire and tell us what you think.

  1. Winter Fuel Payment statistics: user questionnaire

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Policies and procedures

We have published specific policies and statements related to the DWP Winter Fuel Payment statistics in the interests of transparency and to comply with the UK Statistics Authority code of practice.

  1. Winter Fuel Payment: policies and statements

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