Pension provision: NI contributions, qualifying years and second tier pensions

Statistics on NI contributions, people who qualify for State Pension and people with some kind of second tier pension cover.

Use these first release statistics to find out how many people:

  • qualify for a State Pension
  • have some kind of second tier pension cover
  • pay various classes of National Insurance in each tax year

This series was previously known as ‘National Insurance Contributions and qualifying years and Second Tier Pension Provision’.

Latest release

We published the latest release of pension provision statistics on 30 April 2013. This updates the statistics previously released in May 2012.


These statistics are affected by changes in the tax, National Insurance and pension systems – for example, the Pensions Reform Act 2007 and the Pensions Reform Act 2011.

Next release

There is currently no planned release date.

Explore the data

You can explore the data – for example, by age, gender and method of qualification – with the National Insurance contributions and qualifying years and second tier pension provision tabulation tool.

The tabulation tool provides the latest estimates on people who have paid National Insurance contributions since 1978/79 and information on membership of contracted out pension schemes and SERPS/S2P membership since the introduction of contracted out schemes in 1978/79.

State Pension payment statistics are included in the DWP statistical summary.

The Office of National Statistics has statistics on earnings and statistics on second tier pensions in payment.

Policies and statements

In the interests of transparency and to comply with the UK Statistics Authority code of practice, we publish:

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Published 30 April 2013
Last updated 22 April 2014 + show all updates
  1. Postponed next release of these statistics, planned for 30 April 2014.

  2. First published.