Abstract of statistics

An annual publication covering statistics on benefits, National Insurance contributions and indices of prices and earnings in Great Britain.

The abstract is an annual National Statistics publication that aims to provide a reference source for users interested in the main aspects of benefits and indices of prices and earnings.

The latest release

On 29 June 2016 we published the DWP abstract of statistics 2015 (the abstract of statistics for benefits and indices of prices and earnings 2015 edition).

What the abstract includes

The abstract of statistics contains the following:

  • DWP benefit uprating history
  • the rates of benefit time series
  • links or pointers to all previously published elements
  • supporting Excel tables showing historical figures back to 1948

Appendix B of the annual abstract of statistics lists series that are no longer included, with links to the data sources.

All previous publications (2002-2010) have been archived

Our policies and procedures

We’ve published our policies and procedures for DWP statistics in the interests of transparency and to comply with the UK Statistics Authority code of practice.

We’ve also published specific policies and statements related to the DWP abstract of statistics.

Tell us what you think

The information used in this publication is available separately, via the internet, published by individual organisations. DWP brings this information together to produce the Annual Abstract and in light of making efficiency savings is considering discontinuing future publications. We would like to hear your views. Please complete our abstract of statistics questionnaire to tell us what you think.

Contacts and more information

There is contact information and more about DWP statistics on the Statistics at DWP page.


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