In Work Credit: statistics on the financial incentive for lone parents

Statistics from DWP relating to take-up of the In Work Credit (IWC), a financial incentive available to lone parents moving into work.


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In Work Credit (IWC) is a non-taxable weekly payment of £40 (£60 in London districts). It is paid for a maximum of 52 weeks to lone parents moving into paid employment of 16 hours per week or more, who have had a period of 12 months or more on out-of-work benefits.

Latest release

We released the latest statistics on IWC on 14 May 2014.

Statistics include data for England, Scotland and Wales for the period up to the end of December 2013.

Main point from the latest release

To the end of December 2013, there have been 407,600 IWC starts.

Coverage: Great Britain

This is the last release in the series - new claims for IWC payments ended in October 2013. IWC starts after September represent claims submitted prior to the official cutoff, where the first payment was actually made after the cutoff.

Contacts and more information

There is contact information and more about DWP statistics on the Statistics at DWP page.