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Future of education inspection: regional launch events

Learn more about the changes to the way Ofsted inspects schools, further education and skills and early years provision from September at regional events.

Secondary school pupils

From September 2015, Ofsted is making far-reaching changes to the way it inspects schools, further education and skills (FES) and early years provision.

To give education leaders and practitioners from these sectors an opportunity to learn more about the changes Ofsted is holding a series of eight national launch events during June and July (these events are now fully booked) and will be making the event materials available on GOV.UK. These will cover the two key changes:

  • the new Common Inspection Framework and how it will impact on settings on the Early Years Register, maintained schools and academies, non-association independent schools and further education and skills providers
  • Ofsted’s new frequent, shorter inspections for maintained schools, academies and FES providers judged good at their last full inspection

Below are the dates of the national launch events.

Please note: due to high demand the events are now fully booked. If you are interested in attending future events please email

  • London – Monday 15 June (pm)
  • West Midlands – Wednesday 17 June (am)
  • East Midlands – Monday 22 June (pm)
  • East of England – Tuesday 23 June (am)
  • North West – Tuesday 30 June (am)
  • South West – Thursday 2 July (am)
  • North East, Yorkshire and the Humber – Monday 6 July (am)
  • South East – Tuesday 7 July (am)

Further information on the future of education inspection

The main changes from September

Ofsted is introducing a single Common Inspection Framework (CIF) for maintained schools and academies, further education and skills providers, registered early years settings and non-association independent schools. This enables settings to be inspected to an equal set of standards and will ensure consistency and an improved ability to compare different types of provision. Inspectors will make 4 graded judgements on the same areas across all remits:

  • effectiveness of leadership and management
  • quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • outcomes for children and learners

There will be a greater emphasis on safeguarding, the quality of early learning, the breadth of the curriculum in schools and the relevance of courses and training in FES.

Ofsted will deliver frequent, shorter inspections for schools, academies and FES providers judged good at their last inspection. These will take place approximately every 3 years and will provide an opportunity for greater professional dialogue between inspectors and leaders. They will focus on whether the quality of the provision is being sustained and leaders have the capacity to drive improvement. These inspections will allow Ofsted to identify decline early. They will also give schools and providers which are improving the opportunity to demonstrate this improvement to Ofsted sooner.

Ofsted will set a new baseline by inspecting all non-association independent schools under the new CIF and against the revised independent school standards within the next 3 years.

Ofsted is also taking steps to improve how we inspect. From September 2015, it will contract directly with inspectors for schools, non-association independent schools and further education and skills and we will also increase the number of current practitioners on inspections teams. This will enable Ofsted have the necessary quality, control and flexibility in its workforce to deliver its reforms and give education professionals who choose to become Ofsted Inspectors the opportunity for peer review, continuous professional development, training and experience of inspection.

Ofsted believes that these changes to the way it inspects and to its inspection workforce will drive even greater consistency, quality and impact in its inspection.

For further information about the changes to inspection, please read: Better inspection for all: A report of the responses to the public consultation.

Published 19 March 2015