1. 2050 Pathways

    Exploring how the UK can meet the 2050 emission reduction target using the web-based 2050 Calculator.

  2. CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: Allowances

    How to order, surrender and trade allowances.

  3. CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: Annual reporting

    The deadline for submitting your CRC annual report, the information you need to provide and how to report.

  4. CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: account or organisation changes

    How to appoint an agent or account representative, make changes to your CRC Registry account and changes you need to tell us about.

  5. CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: evidence, audits and penalties

    How to create a CRC evidence pack, how regulators audit to check compliance and penalties for non-compliance.

  6. CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: qualification and registration

    The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, who needs to register, how to register, charges to pay and how to use the CRC registry.

  7. Calculating Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

    An explanation of how the number of ROCs issues to generators is determined.

  8. Combined heat and power

    How the UK supports the use of combined heat and power (CHP) or 'cogeneration', which avoids network losses and reduces emissions.

  9. Community Energy

    A guide aimed at local groups who are interested in setting up a community energy project.

  10. Deep geothermal energy regulation

    How to comply with environmental permitting regulations to abstract deep geothermal energy.

  11. ESOS

    Find out if you qualify for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and how to comply.

  12. Energy Technology List (ETL)

    The ETL (or Energy Technology Product List, ETPL) is a government-managed list of energy-efficient plant and machinery. It is part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) tax scheme for businesses.

  13. Policy impacts on prices and bills

    How costs to the consumer are affected by changes in energy and climate change policy.

  14. Sharing information on greenhouse gas emissions from local authority own estate and operations (previously NI 185)

    How local authorities' information on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is shared with DECC.

  15. Sustainability standards for electricity generation from biomass

    How you must report on sustainability for biomass and biogas electricty generation, if you generate over 50KW.

  16. Urban Community Energy Fund

    A financial support scheme aimed at urban communities across England wanting to set up renewable energy generation projects in their area.