1. Communities Fund: prospectus and bidding form

    Funding for projects that bring together the community and local authorities to design and implement services in partnership.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Celebrating with bonfires and fireworks
  2. Flying flags: a plain English guide
  3. Integrated communities English language programme: prospectus
  4. Controlling Migration Fund: prospectus
  5. Faith Leader Training: prospectus and application form
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News and communications

  1. Communities Secretary sets out vision for high streets as vibrant community hubs
  2. Lord Ahmad reaffirms UK commitment to stamp out anti-semitism
  3. Building stronger communities through English language learning
  4. A beacon for the black business leaders of tomorrow
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Research and statistics

  1. Community Life Survey 2016-17
  2. The Casey Review: a review into opportunity and integration
  3. First World War Victoria Cross recipients
  4. Lifetime neighbourhoods
  5. Lifetime neighbourhoods: practice examples
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Integrated Communities Strategy green paper
  2. Review of crematoria provision and facilities: discussion paper
  3. Community networks linking older and younger people
  4. Response to Home Affairs Committee inquiry into anti-Semitism
  5. Anti-Semitism update
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