HM Land Registry forms

Download HM Land Registry forms for land registration, Land Charges and Agricultural Credits.

This guide is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

Supporting documents

If you’re applying for first registration, your application must consist entirely of:

For all other applications, we recommend sending certified copies, as we destroy original documents once we’ve made a scanned copy. For applications submitted through e-DRS, Business e-services customers will need to select the appropriate certification statement for their attachment.

Where to send completed forms

Before sending forms, check if fees need to be included.

Land registration forms

Your application may be rejected if you do not use the correct form. See Practice Guide 49: return and rejection of applications for registration for more details.

Land registration forms are also available in Welsh. To access Welsh versions, select from the list below and then use the ‘Cymraeg’ link.

  1. Standard form of charge: approval (ACD)
  2. Standard form of deed of variation/priority/postponement of a charge: approval (ADD)
  3. Adverse possession: registration (ADV1)
  4. Adverse possession: notification (ADV2)
  5. Application for Application Management Service (AMS1)
  6. Agreed notice: registration (AN1)
  7. Change the register (AP1)
  8. Whole of registered title: assent (AS1)
  9. Charge (mortgage): assent (AS2)
  10. Part of registered title: assent (AS3)
  11. Consolidation of charges: entry (CC)
  12. Caution against dealings: cancellation (CCD)
  13. Caution against registration: cancellation (CCT)
  14. Legal charges: registration (CH1)
  15. Legal charges: obligation for further advances (CH2)
  16. Legal charges: security (CH3)
  17. Investigation or enforcement proceedings (court, insolvency, tax) (CIT)
  18. Commonhold land: freehold registration (CM1)
  19. Commonhold land: registered freehold termination (CM2)
  20. Commonhold land: registration amendment (CM3)
  21. Commonhold land: registration application (CM4)
  22. Commonhold land: termination (CM5)
  23. Commonhold successor: registration (CM6)
  24. Notice: cancellation (CN1)
  25. Change of gender (CNG)
  26. Commonhold land: charge notification (COE)
  27. Update registered owners' contact address (COG1)
  28. Commonhold land: registration consent (CON1)
  29. Commonhold land: freehold registration termination consent (CON2)
  30. Commonhold land: unit-holders registration (COV)
  31. Continuation sheet: applications and dispositions (CS)
  32. First registration caution (CT1)
  33. Exact line of boundary: registration (DB)
  34. Disclosable overriding interests (DI)
  35. Deceased joint proprietor (DJP)
  36. Documents list (DL)
  37. Mortgage: cancellation of entries for lenders (DS1)
  38. Cancel entries relating to a charge: registration (DS2)
  39. Remove a paid off mortgage: registration (DS2E)
  40. Mortgage: Release of part of the land for lenders (DS3)
  41. Digital mortgage: approval (e-ACD)
  42. Exempt information document: registration (EX1)
  43. Reasons for exemption of document (EX1A)
  44. Exempt document official copy: registration (EX2)
  45. Remove exemption of document: registration (EX3)
  46. First registration: application (FR1)
  47. Historical register/title plan: registration (HC1)
  48. Notice of home rights: registration (HR1)
  49. Notice of home rights renewal: registration (HR2)
  50. Search of home rights by lenders (HR3)
  51. Cancel home rights: registration (HR4)
  52. Verify identity: citizen (ID1)
  53. Verify identity: corporate body (ID2)
  54. Certificate of identity for a private individual (ID3)
  55. Certificate of identity for a body corporate (ID4)
  56. Certificate to be given by a conveyancer where a person's identity has been verified by way of an online video call (ID5)
  57. Jointly owned property trust: registration (JO)
  58. Respond to an adverse possession (NAP)
  59. Official copies of register or plan: registration (OC1)
  60. Official copies of documents: registration (OC2)
  61. Official search with priority: whole title (OS1)
  62. Official search with priority: part of the title (OS2)
  63. Official search without priority (OS3)
  64. Personal inspection: registration (PIC)
  65. Proprietors' names: search of the index (PN1)
  66. IOPN search: verify identity (PN1ID)
  67. Documents for proceedings request: registration (PRD1)
  68. Application for Pre-submission Enquiry Service for complex commercial or infrastructure development enquiries (PSS1)
  69. Restriction by owner not living at property request: registration (RQ)
  70. Restriction by company request: registration (RQ(Co))
  71. Enter a restriction: registration (RX1)
  72. Order to disapply or modify restriction: registration (RX2)
  73. Cancel a restriction: registration (RX3)
  74. Withdraw a restriction: registration (RX4)
  75. Statutory charge: noting the overriding priority (SC)
  76. Form A restriction: application to enter (SEV)
  77. Franchises and manors: apply for an official search of the index (SIF)
  78. Index map: application for an official search (SIM)
  79. Development right(s): notice of surrender (SR1)
  80. Adverse possession: statement of truth (ST1)
  81. Adverse possession of rentcharge: statement of truth (ST2)
  82. Lost or destroyed deeds: statement of truth (ST3)
  83. Prescriptive easements: statement of truth (ST4)
  84. Cancellation of restriction: statement of truth (ST5)
  85. Registered title(s): part transfer (TP1)
  86. Registered title(s) under power of sale: part transfer (TP2)
  87. Registered title(s): whole transfer (TR1)
  88. Registered title(s) under power of sale: whole transfer (TR2)
  89. Charge or portfolio of charges: transfer (TR4)
  90. Portfolio of titles (whole or part): transfer (TR5)
  91. Unilateral notice: application to enter (UN1)
  92. Unilateral notice: application to remove (UN2)
  93. Existing unilateral notice: register as a beneficiary (UN3)
  94. Unilateral notice: cancellation (UN4)
  95. Upgrading of title: application (UT1)
  96. Withdraw a caution: application (WCT)
  97. Leases: prescribed clauses (table)
  98. Leases: prescribed clauses (text)

Land Charges forms

  1. Land charge registration: application (K1)
  2. Class F Land charge registration: application (K2)
  3. Pending Action registration: application (K3)
  4. Writ or Order registration: application (K4)
  5. Priority Notice registration: application (K6)
  6. Renewal of a registration: application (K7)
  7. Class F Land charge registration renewal: application (K8)
  8. Register entry rectification: application (K9)
  9. Land charges: application continuation (K10)
  10. Land charges register (except Class F and debtor's bankruptcy application): cancel entry (K11)
  11. Land charges register: cancel entry (K11(ADJ))
  12. Cancel an entry under special directions of The Registrar (K12)
  13. Class F Land Charge: cancellation (K13)
  14. Land Charges official search: application (K15)
  15. Bankruptcy official search: application (K16)
  16. Land Charges register: office copy of entry (K19)
  17. Land Charges register: certificate of cancellation (K20)

Agricultural Credits forms

Published 24 July 2014
Last updated 4 May 2020 + show all updates
  1. We have added forms ID3, ID4 and ID5.

  2. Application for Pre-submission Enquiry Service (PSS1) and Application for Application Management Service (AMS1) added to the Land registration forms list.

  3. Digital mortgage: approval (e-ACD) form added.

  4. Change of gender (CNG) form added: to update a name as a registered owner in our land register, following a change of gender.

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