Land registration – guidance

Land Registry electronic document registration service

Property professionals can apply to change the register electronically.

Use our electronic document registration service (e-DRS) to submit documents and:

  • reduce average end-to-end processing times
  • cut back on paper consumption
  • reduce postage and manual processing costs
  • create an audit trail to help prevent fraud

How to get access

You need a portal ID to use e-DRS. If you don’t already have one, sign up to Business e-services.

Before getting access, you must also agree to the conditions of use.

To access e-DRS through the Land Registry portal, you need authorised users set up with one of the following portal access roles:

  • general access and e-DRS
  • e-conveyancer edit and submit

You can then access e-DRS through Business Gateway. This service gives you instant access to the Land Registry’s property records. Your case management systems (CMS) can then communicate directly and securely with Land Registry’s systems.

Submit an e-DRS application

You need to include your application forms and supporting documents as electronic copies when submitting your application using e-DRS.

Most documents need to be scanned, eg transfers and charges or other supporting documents. Some application forms, eg ‘change the register (AP1)’ can be prepared on your computer, signed electronically (with a typed signature) and uploaded without the need for printing and scanning.

Scan settings

To avoid your supporting documents being rejected, please make sure that:

  • your documents are in PDF, tiff, gif or jpg file formats. PDF is our recommended format
  • your documents have a maximum file size of 10MB
  • your scanner is set to the optimum scanning resolution of 200-600 dpi (text quality)
  • only pages with colour are scanned in colour
  • you scan all related documents (eg transfer and counterpart or related plans) as one document and not in parts. Plans that are lodged as a separate attachment to the deed cannot be accepted. All plans lodged for registration must form part of the relevant deed (r.213 LRR 2003)

Online Stamp Duty Land Tax certificates can also be uploaded without the need to print and scan.


Once you have filled in your application form and scanned your supporting documents, submit them through e-DRS.

  1. Access our ‘Registration Service’ on the portal.
  2. Select the application type you’re submitting.
  3. Enter the reference and title number for each title.
  4. Select the relevant documents for your applications by following the on-screen instructions.

You’ll need to select the appropriate certification statement for your attachment. You can enter up to 50 title numbers per application. We’ll send you confirmation if your application has been successfully submitted.

Sign up to e-notifications, use our guide Land Registry portal: get notifications about your documents and we’ll let you know when completed documents are ready for you to download in your portal ‘PDF Downloads’ area.

If you submit an application and we raise a requisition, it will be sent electronically. Select the ‘Reply to requisition service’ in the portal and repeat the steps to resubmit any amended attachments.

For more information about how to use the service, read our e-DRS user guide.

Contact us

If you need more information, please contact Customer Support