1. British Embassy Skopje programme assistance forms

    Application forms for project proposals for applying for funding from the British Embassy Skopje.

  2. Programme portfolio of the British Embassy Skopje 2010-2018

    Range of programmes that the British Embassy in Skopje has implemented in the period of 2010-2018

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Cross-Government Prosperity Fund
  2. DFID Accountable Grant Arrangement: budget template and guidance
  3. UK Prosperity Fund for Colombia
  4. DFID Enhanced Due Diligence: Safeguarding for external partners
  5. Official Development Assistance (ODA): FCO International Programme guidance and templates 2017 to 2020
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News and communications

  1. Government acts to strengthen development aid fund after report
  2. UK steps up fight against fake news
  3. UK announces £9 million project to support independent media in Ukraine
  4. UK to invest up to £30m through partnership with African Union
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Research and statistics

  1. Statistics on International Development 2017 to 2018: GPEX tables
  2. Department for International Development – Statistics at DFID
  3. Statistics on International Development: Provisional UK Aid Spend 2018
  4. Statistics on International Development: Final UK Aid Spend 2017
  5. DFID response to ICAI recommendations on: achieving value for money through tendering and contract management
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Prosperity Fund Mexico Programme
  2. Newton Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund annual report 2017 to 2018
  3. UK Private Sector Organisations: commitments to tackle sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment in the international aid sector
  4. The Investment Promotion Programme
  5. Global Business Environment programme
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Department for International Development: spending over £500, August 2019
  2. DFID Special Advisers' gifts, hospitality and meetings returns
  3. DFID: ministerial gifts, hospitality, travel and meetings, April to June 2019
  4. Cross-government Prosperity Fund Official Development Assistance spend: International Aid Transparency Initiative data
  5. Prosperity Fund annual report 2018 to 2019
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