Overseas aid transparency


We want UK taxpayers to be able to find out what their taxes are being spent on, and where their tax money is going. This includes all forms of overseas aid.


We are committed to making all government spending as clear and transparent as possible. More information about how this can be found in our policy on improving the transparency and accountability of government and its services.

We publish full details of the aid we give to other countries, in line with the UK Aid Transparency Guarantee. The scheme means we have to say where aid cash goes in a comparable, accurate and timely way.

We publish information on money donated overseas in line with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), and are now asking our partners to do the same. IATI aims to make information on aid spending more accessible around the world.


We launched the UK Aid Transparency Guarantee (UKATG) in June 2010. The Guarantee aims to set out clearly how we should publish what happens to UK aid money and who benefits from it.

The International Development Sector Transparency Panel was established to drive forward the government’s transparency agenda. It will seek to challenge, influence and advise DFID on its approach to international development transparency.