Defence and Security Accelerator themed activities

Details of our current, future and past themed activities.

You can submit a Defence and Security Accelerator proposal either to our Open Call for Innovation or in response to the technical challenges in a specific themed competition, as detailed below.

You can submit your themed competition proposal online once the full detailed competition document is published.

Summary competition documents may be published a few weeks in advance of full competition document releases.

Themed competitions (open now for application)

The competitions below are in order of closing date, earliest at the top.

Past events and market interest activities (closed)

  1. Maximising Human Performance - Market Exploration
  2. DASA dial in event: many drones make light work competition
  3. Wearable technology for injury prevention - market exploration
  4. Behavioural Analytics Competition Scoping Workshop
  5. Knife Crime Market Exploration
  6. Get the ship in shape innovation event
  7. Expression of Interest: MOD Defence People Challenge - Market Interest Day
  8. Defence and Security Accelerator dial-in: Don't Blow It!
  9. DASA Defence Logistics Hackathon
  10. DASA Real-World Incident Response Hackathon
  11. Data Integration Competition scoping workshop
  12. Aggregation of disparate CCTV feeds - market exploration

Past themed competitions (closed)

Details of themed competitions that are now closed.

  1. Competition: finding explosives hidden in electrical items
  2. Competition: Stopping it in its tracks
  3. Competition: metasurfaces for defence and security
  4. Competition: Predictive cyber analytics
  5. Competition: 'Take Cover!’ Lightweight rapidly deployable protection on the front-line through Field Fortifications
  6. Competition: The Invisible Battlespace
  7. Competition: Biosensing across wide areas
  8. Competition: airport vehicle checkpoint screening
  9. Competition: Defence People Innovation Challenge
  10. Accelerator competition: regenerative medicine at the front line
  11. Competition: revolutionise the human information relationship for Defence
  12. Accelerator competition: improving crowd resilience
  13. Competition: autonomous last mile resupply
  14. Competition: synthetic biology for transparent materials
  15. Competition: beyond battery power
  16. Accelerator themed competition: the future of aviation security
  17. Competition: Tackling knife crime - Detecting steel-bladed knives
  18. Competition: Don’t Blow It! Safely eliminating chemical and biological munitions on the battlefield
  19. Competition: Many drones make light work phase 3
  20. Competition: Behavioural Analytics for Defence and Security
Published 8 December 2016
Last updated 1 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. Updated to include full competition document for tackling knife crime
  2. Addition of knife crime upcoming competition
  3. Maximising Human Performance Market Exploration now open.
  4. Many Drones Make Light Work Phase 3 now open.
  5. Added two new categories, Events and market interest activities (open) and events and market interest activities (closed)
  6. Don't blow it added to themed competitions now open
  7. Stopping it in its tracks competition now open.
  8. Addition of Behavioural Analytics Scoping Workshop document
  9. Submission service reopened.
  10. Submission service has reopened for themed competitions
  11. There has been an update to the submissions service for information.
  12. Submission service status update
  13. Word version of proposal submission form is available so you can draft a proposal now.
  14. Our submission service is temporarily closed due to a technical issue. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  15. Added Accelerator themed competition: Autonomous last mile resupply
  16. Moved Revolutionise competition to past competitions.
  17. Adding Enduring Challenge competition which is now open for submissions
  18. First published.