County Court forms

County Court forms including the N1 money claim form.


  1. Form EX105: Apply for help with court transcript costs
  2. Form EX107: Order a transcript of court or tribunal proceedings
  3. Form EX108: Tape transcription
  4. Form EX140: Give a record of evidence (individual debtor)
  5. Form EX141: Record of evidence (Officer of a company)
  6. Form EX728: I have an Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) settlement (Form COT3) but the respondent has not paid. How do I enforce it?
  7. Form N1: Make a claim against a person or organisation (Claim form CPR Part 7)
  8. Form N1SDT: Claim form (MCOL secure data transfer)
  9. Form N5: Make a claim for possession of property
  10. Form N5A: Claim for relief against forfeiture
  11. Form N5B England: Claim possession of a property located wholly in England (accelerated procedure)
  12. Form N5B Wales: Claim form for possession of a property located wholly in Wales (accelerated procedure)
  13. Form N6: Claim for demotion of tenancy / suspension of right to buy
  14. Form N8: Claim form (Arbitration)
  15. Form N9: Ask for more time to file a defence ('acknowledgment of service')
  16. Form N9A: Offer to pay money you owe to a claimant
  17. Form N9B: Make a defence or counterclaim: specified amount
  18. Form N9C: Respond to a money claim: unspecified amount
  19. Form N9D: Make a defence or counterclaim: unspecified amount
  20. Form N11: Make a defence against a court claim
  21. Form N11B England: Defence form (Accelerated possession procedure) (Assured shorthold tenancy) where the property is located wholly or partly in England
  22. Form N11B Wales: Defence form (accelerated possession procedure)(assured shorthold tenancy) where the property is located wholly or partly in England
  23. Form N11D: Defence form (Demotion of tenancy) (Suspension of right to buy)
  24. Form N11M: Respond to a mortgage lender's claim against you
  25. Form N11R: Defend a claim for possession of a rented property
  26. Form N15: Acknowledgment of service (Arbitration claim)
  27. Form N16: General form of injunction for interim application or originating application
  28. Form N16A: Application for injunction (General form)
  29. Form N20: Witness summons
  30. Form N24: File a draft of an order or judgment
  31. Form N39: Order to attend court for questioning
  32. Form N56: Reply to an attachment of earnings application (County Court)
  33. Form N77: Notice as to consequences of disobedience to court order
  34. Form N86: Interim Charging Order (CPR Part 73)
  35. Form N87: Final Charging Order (CPR Part 73)
  36. Form N92: Apply for an administration order
  37. Form N93: List of creditors furnished under the Act of 1971
  38. Form N110A: Power of arrest attached to injunction
  39. Form N117: Make a legal promise to a court
  40. Form N119: Give details of a claim to gain possession of a rented residential property
  41. Form N120: Particulars of claim (Mortgaged residential premises)
  42. Form N121: Particulars of claim (Trespassers)
  43. Form N122: Particulars of claim for demotion order / suspension of right to buy
  44. Form N123: Mortgage pre-action protocol checklist
  45. Form N130: Apply for an interim possession order for a property
  46. Form N133: Witness Statement of the defendant to oppose the making of an interim possession order
  47. Form N139: Application for Warrant of Arrest
  48. Form N142: Guardianship Order
  49. Form N143: [Interim] Hospital Order
  50. Form N149A: Notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track
  51. Form N149B: Notice of proposed allocation to the fast track
  52. Form N149C: Notice of proposed allocation to the multi-track
  53. Form N162: Respondent's notice (For all appeals except appeals to the Family Division of the High Court)
  54. Form N163: Skeleton arguments
  55. Form N164: Appeal an order in a case allocated to the small claims track
  56. Form N170: Listing questionnaire (pre-trial checklist)
  57. Form N180: Directions questionnaire: small claims track
  58. Form N181: Directions questionnaire: fast track or multi-track
  59. Form N182: Mediation settlement agreement
  60. Form N205A: Notice of issue (Specified amount)
  61. Form N208: Claim form (CPR Part 8)
  62. Form N210: Respond to a CPR Part 8 claim
  63. Form N210A: Acknowledgment of service (Part 8 costs-only claim)
  64. Form N210C: Acknowledgment of Service. (Part 81, Section 4 - Certification, or application under section 336 of the Charities Act 2011, in relation to conduct alleged to constitute contempt of court (CPR Part 81, Section 4))
  65. Form N211: Claim form (Additional claims - CPR Part 20)
  66. Form N213: Acknowledgment of service(Part 20 claim)
  67. Form N215: Certificate of service
  68. Form N218: Notice of service on a partner
  69. Form N219: Application for European Enforcement Order Certificate (Judgment by agreement/admission/settlement)
  70. Form N219A: Application for European Enforcement Certificate (Judgment in default of a defence or objection)
  71. Form N224: Ask the court to serve documents outside England and Wales
  72. Form N225: Ask for judgment on a claim for a specified amount of money
  73. Form N225A: Notice of part admission (Specified amount)
  74. Form N226: Notice of Admission (Unspecified amount)
  75. Form N227: Ask for a judgment where the claim amount is unspecified
  76. Form N228: Notice of Admission - return of goods (Hire-purchase or conditional sale)
  77. Form N235: File a certificate of suitability to be a litigation friend
  78. Form N242: Notice of payment into court (Under order - part 37)
  79. Form N242A: Notice of offer to settle (Section 1 - Part 36)
  80. Form N244: Make an application to a court ('application notice')
  81. Form N245: Apply to suspend a warrant or vary payments made by a court order
  82. Form N251: Give notice of funding of a case or claim
  83. Form N252: Notice of commencement of assessment
  84. Form N253: Notice of Amount allowed on provisional assessment (Legal Aid only)
  85. Form N254: Request for a Default Costs Certificate
  86. Form N255(CC): Default costs certificate (County Court)
  87. Form N255(HC): Default costs certificate (High Court)
  88. Form N256(CC): Final Costs Certificate (County Court)
  89. Form N256(HC): Final Costs Certificate (High Court)
  90. Form N258: Request for provisional / general detailed assessment
  91. Form N258A: Request for detailed assessment (legal aid / Legal Services Commission only)
  92. Form N258B: Request for detailed assessment (Costs payable out of a fund other than the Community Legal Service Fund)
  93. Form N258C: Request for detailed assessment hearing pursuant to an order under Part III of the Solicitors Act 1974
  94. Form N259: Notice of Appeal against a detailed assessment (Civil)
  95. Form N263: Make a disclosure report
  96. Form N265: Make a standard disclosure of documents to the court
  97. Form N266: Notice to admit facts / admission of facts
  98. Form N268: Notice to prove documents at trial
  99. Form N285: Affidavit template
  100. Form N292: Tell the court about an agreed settlement on behalf of a child or patient
  101. Form N293A: Combined Certificate of Judgment and request for Writ of Fieri Facias or Writ of Possession
  102. Form N294: Claimant's application for a variation order
  103. Form N316: Apply for an order for a debtor to attend court
  104. Form N316A: Application for order that officer of the debtor company attend court for questioning
  105. Form N322A: Application to enforce an award
  106. Form N322B: Application for an order to allow enforcement of a decision or an ACAS settlement (Form COT3) that does not require permission to proceed
  107. Form N323: Apply for a warrant of control to recover money you're owed after a court order
  108. Form N324: Request for Warrant of Delivery of Goods
  109. Form N325: Request a warrant for possession of land
  110. Form N325A: Ask for a warrant for possession of land after a suspended possession order
  111. Form N331: Notice of withdrawal from possession or payment over of moneys, on notice of receiving or winding-up order
  112. Form N336: Request and result of search in the attachment of earnings index (County Court)
  113. Form N337: Ask the County Court to make an attachment of earnings order
  114. Form N342: Request for judgment Summons
  115. Form N344: Request for Warrant of Committal (Judgment summons)
  116. Form N349: Apply to the court for a 'third-party debt order'
  117. Form N379: Apply for a charging order on land
  118. Form N380: Application for Charging Order on Securities (CPR Part 73)
  119. Form N440: Notice of Application for Time Order by Debtor or Hirer
  120. Form N441: Notification of request for Certificate of Satisfaction or Cancellation
  121. Form N443: Apply for a certificate to show you've paid a court order
  122. Form N445: Ask the court to reissue a warrant
  123. Form N446: Request for re-issue of enforcement or an order to obtain information from judgment debtor
  124. Form N471A: Application to enforce an ACAS settlement and request a Writ of Control
  125. Form N500: Claim form (Directors disqualification proceedings)
  126. Form N501: Claim form (Directors disqualification proceedings Section 8A application)
  127. Form N502: Acknowledgment of service (Part 8)
  128. Form N503: Acknowledgment of service (Part 8) Section 8A applications
  129. Form N504: Pre-trial checklist (Directors disqualification)
  130. Form N510: Service out of the jurisdiction
  131. Form Precedent H and R: Costs budget (Precedent H) and budget discussion report (Precedent R)
  132. Form 110: Certificate for enforcement in a foreign country
  133. Form 111: Certificate of the enforcement in Scotland or Northern Ireland of a money judgment of the High Court or of the County Court (s.18 of and Schedule 6 to the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982) (CPR 74.17 and PD 74A para.8.2)
  134. Form 112: Certificate annexed to a sealed copy of judgment of the High Court or of the County Court for enforcement of non-money provisions in Scotland or Northern Ireland
Published 21 March 2018