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Information and events for British citizens in Germany

Since June 2017, the British Embassy, Consulates and our partners have run over 40 information events across Germany, for UK nationals living and working here.

British citizens outreach meetings

We continue to organise these events as part of our ongoing effort to ensure that you have access to the information you need as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

Upcoming events across Germany

  • Berlin, 30 September. Register here
  • Düsseldorf, 1 October. Register here
  • Frankfurt, 10 October. Registration details to follow
  • Hamburg, 15 October. Registration details to follow
  • Munich, 24 October. Registration details to follow

These events offer UK nationals a forum to raise the questions that affect them directly.

The meetings are free and open to all interested UK nationals. Registration is necessary, to ensure that the number of participants does not exceed the venue’s capacity.

To protect the privacy of attendees, we ask that participants refrain from recording these events. For this reason, we can also not permit reporting press.

View the previous events we have held across Germany

For the latest updates on Brexit issues and information events in your area:

Previous events across Germany

If you have attended one of our previous meetings, please give us feedback here


6 August Facebook Q&A
21 June Berlin
17 May Hanover
30 April Berlin
15 April Bad Kreuznach
28 March Düsseldorf
4 March Berlin
13 February Cologne
22 January Hamburg
14 January Munich
11 January Dresden


18 December Berlin
13 December Heidelberg
13 November Bremen
31 October Essen
29 October Kiel
8 October Düsseldorf
2 October Frankfurt
19 September Paderborn
23 August Berlin
25 July Stuttgart
18 July Nuremberg
21 June Frankfurt
16 May Hanover
16 May Leipzig
2 March Stuttgart
27 February Munich
13 February Berlin


29 November Hamburg
29 November Finkenwerder
15 November Senelager
7 November Berlin
28 September Cologne
6 September Kiel
30 August Düsseldorf
3 July Munich
23 June Berlin
19 June Frankfurt
Published 8 May 2018
Last updated 17 September 2019 + show all updates
  1. Registration details for outreach events: Berlin - 30 September Düsseldorf - 1 October
  2. EU Exit update: Summary of Facebook Q&A on 6 August 2019 added
  3. Brexit update: New event - Facebook Q&A, 6. August, 1-2 pm on @BritsInGermany Facebook page
  4. EU Exit update: New event in Berlin on Friday 21 June
  5. New event in Hanover on 17 May 2019 added
  6. EU Exit update: two new information events in Berlin on 30 April 2019
  7. EU Exit update: New Information event in Bad Kreuznach on 15 April 2019.
  8. EU Exit update: New information event for UK nationals in Düsseldorf on 28 March
  9. EU Exit update: Information event in Berlin, 4 March. Registration instructions.
  10. EU Exit update: New information event in Cologne 13 February
  11. New information event added in Berlin on the 4 March 2019
  12. New event added in Hamburg on 22 January 2019
  13. New event for British citizens in Dresden on 11 January 2019 added.
  14. Additional outreach event for British citizens in Munich in January 2019.
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  17. We have added the registration links for the upcoming events in Essen and Bremen.
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