The German government has announced that increased security has been put in place as a precaution at public buildings, at major events and at Christmas markets.

German police officers may conduct random identification checks throughout the country. Although you aren’t required to carry your passport with you at all times, you should be prepared to present it to the authorities without delay if asked to do so.

There is a general threat from terrorism. See Terrorism

There’s been considerable disruption to rail, road and ferry transport between Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Germany. The German government has reinstated immigration controls at its borders with Austria. If you’re travelling by road, train or ferry, allow additional time for disruptions, be vigilant and follow the instructions of local authorities. Check with local media and your transport provider for more information.

Around 2,000,000 British nationals visit Germany every year. Most visits are trouble-free.

If you need to contact the emergency services call 112.

British nationals have been arrested for possessing counterfeit currency. Avoid changing money anywhere other than banks or legitimate bureaux de change.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.