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Information and events for British citizens in Germany

The British Embassy and Consulates have been holding a series of meetings to inform British citizens working and living in Germany about their rights as Britain leaves the European Union.

British citizens outreach meetings

In our network’s continuous effort to reach as many British nationals in Germany as possible, we are announcing further events. This is your opportunity to ask the questions that concern you.

The meetings are free and open to all interested British nationals. Please make sure you register if you would like to attend.

Upcoming events across Germany

View the previous events we have held across Germany

To receive updates on outreach events in your area, follow us on Facebook (BritsinGermany) and keep an eye on this website for more news.

If you have attended one of our previous meetings, please give us feedback here

If you have missed any of British Ambassador Sir Sebastian Wood’s video messages on citizens’ rights, follow this link to catch up: BritsinGermany

Previous events across Germany


14 January Munich
11 January Dresden


18 December Berlin
13 December Heidelberg
13 November Bremen
31 October Essen
29 October Kiel
8 October Düsseldorf
2 October Frankfurt
19 September Paderborn
23 August Berlin
25 July Stuttgart
18 July Nuremberg
21 June Frankfurt
16 May Hanover
16 May Leipzig
2 March Stuttgart
27 February Munich
13 February Berlin


29 November Hamburg
29 November Finkenwerder
15 November Senelager
7 November Berlin
28 September Cologne
6 September Kiel
30 August Düsseldorf
3 July Munich
23 June Berlin
19 June Frankfurt
Published 8 May 2018
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