Information for immunisation practitioners and other health professionals.

The World Health Organization says:

The two public health interventions that have had the greatest impact on the world’s health are clean water and vaccines.

‘Immunisation against infectious disease’, also known as the Green Book, has the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures in the UK.

Immunisation patient group direction (PGD) templates are available for authorisation and adoption to provide NHS England Commissioned national routine immunisation services.

Vaccine update newsletters cover developments in the field and updates to the Green Book.

See the latest vaccine uptake guidance and statistics.

Minutes of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) meetings are available.

Vaccine programmes

Joint letters from the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England announce changes to vaccine programmes. Training slide sets and other resources to accompany these new programmes are also available:


The ImmForm website is the government’s vaccine ordering facility. You need to use Internet Explorer to use the website. There are ImmForm helpsheets to help you use the site.

Immunisation publications

Use Department of Health Orderline to order paper copies of leaflets.

Browse an archive of older publications.

History of measles and rubella vaccination

Childhood immunisation schedules

  1. The complete routine immunisation schedule

    • Guidance
  2. Routine childhood immunisation schedule

    • Guidance

Immunisation leaflets and guidance for parents

  1. Pregnancy: how to help protect you and your baby

    • Promotional material
  2. Immunisations for young people

    • Promotional material
  3. A guide to immunisations for babies up to 13 months of age

    • Promotional material
  4. Vaccines and porcine gelatine

    • Guidance
  5. What to expect after vaccinations

    • Guidance
  6. A quick guide to childhood immunisation for the parents of premature babies

    • Promotional material
  7. Immunisations at 12 months of age

    • Promotional material
  8. Pre-school vaccinations: a guide to vaccinations from 2 to 5 years

    • Promotional material
  9. Splenectomy: leaflet and card

    • Promotional material
  10. Immunisation: why our children must be protected (DVD)

    • Promotional material

Rubella (German measles)

  1. Rubella resources

    • Guidance


  1. BCG vaccine: use of SSI BCG vaccine batch 114022A post expiry

    • Correspondence
  2. Tuberculosis: the disease, its treatment and prevention

    • Promotional material
  3. TB, BCG and your baby leaflet

    • Promotional material