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Whooping cough: vaccination in pregnancy programme resources

Information leaflet and poster to support the whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy programme.

Applies to England


Whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy: leaflet

Whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy: poster


The leaflet provides in-depth information on:

  • why the vaccine is needed
  • how maternal pertussis vaccination helps to protect babies from whooping cough
  • when expectant mothers can have the vaccine
  • vaccine safety and efficacy.

The poster has been designed to promote the need for maternal pertussis vaccination which is now recommended from week 16 of each pregnancy. It is suitable for GP surgeries, hospitals, maternity units, nurseries, child care centres and libraries.

The leaflet (product code 3235344) and poster (product code 5246393) are available to order:

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Telephone: 0300 123 1002

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Further programme information

Further information and a training slide set for healthcare practitioners is available.

Published 28 September 2012
Last updated 31 May 2022 + show all updates
  1. Added text version of leaflet and rebranded leaflet and poster.

  2. Added new poster for vaccination from 16 weeks.

  3. Revised to include more detail about the pertussis vaccine and eligibility.

  4. Revised leaflet and poster supporting the whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy programme.

  5. Added URLs of 'vaccination against pertussis (whooping cough) for pregnant women programme page' and 'whooping cough vaccination programme for pregnant women: extension to 2014 letter'.

  6. Whooping Cough and Pregnancy: 'Your Questions Answered on How to Help Protect Your Baby leaflet' and 'What You Need to Know and Do to Help Protect Your Baby flyer' updated with the latest information about the incidence of the disease (both dated 2014 to distinguish from the previous editions)

  7. First published.