Parental attitudes to vaccination in young children

For the last 25 years parents of young children have regularly been asked for their views on vaccines and the diseases they protect against.

National surveys have been undertaken in England since 1991 to understand parental knowledge, beliefs and attitudes towards the immunisation programme. Public Health England (PHE) now commissions these surveys and currently the market research company BMG Research undertakes this work. The main purpose of the surveys is to explore parental attitudes to childhood immunisation to inform planning of the immunisation programmes. The surveys are an important source of detailed information about parental views and experiences.

Further information about the research can be found on BMG’s website and in the Vaccine Update issues below.

The 2018 survey will start in different locations across the country on 5 February and continue until 22 April.

Annual survey 2018

  1. Attitudinal 2018 survey letter to stakeholders

Annual Survey 2017

  1. Attitudinal 2017 survey letter to stakeholders

Annual Survey 2016

  1. Annual attitudinal survey 2016: infographic
  2. Vaccine update: issue 240, January 2016

Annual Survey 2015

  1. Vaccine update: issue 224, January 2015
Published 24 January 2017
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