Military ranges firing notices

List of all UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) firing times for military ranges.

Read about accessing the training estate safely

Health and safety reminder for all military training areas and ranges:

  • obey all signs and byelaws
  • observe the red flags and red lights, which mark areas you are forbidden to enter due to live firing
  • stay on Public Rights of Way to avoid damaging habitats and straying into military training
  • do not touch or tamper with military debris as it may be dangerous
  • wash your hands before you eat
  • clean your footwear before you enter your car or home.

Please also ensure you obey all current Coronavirus guidance including maintaining social distancing and washing your hands.

Further safety guidance for dog walkers can be found in our safety guide, Your dog and you on MOD land.



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South west England

Published 16 October 2013
Last updated 7 September 2022 + show all updates
  1. Addition of Catterick Training Area firing and activity forecast.

  2. Added Millpool firing times to the south west England section.

  3. Updated the coronavirus guidance.

  4. Updated the health and safety guidance to reflect current government Coronavirus information.

  5. Added South East Training Estate

  6. Added Leek and Upper Hulme firing times to West Midlands.

  7. Added the MOD sealand firing times page.

  8. Added link to dog walking on MOD land guide.

  9. Added a link to Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) firing times.

  10. Added Yoxter Range and dry training area firing notice and Langport Range and dry training area firing notice.

  11. Added Straightpoint and WCTA Grenade Range firing times.

  12. Added Scotland firing times

  13. Added Kingsbury and Whittington ranges.

  14. Added Firing times for the east region.

  15. Added Chickerell firing times.

  16. Added the Penally Gallery Range firing notice

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