Leek and Upper Hulme firing times

Warning notice of firing for Leek and Upper Hulme Training area. These firing times also cover Morridge, Oxbatch, Fleet Green, Lum Edge, Herbage, Merryton Low, Strines, Mermaid, Revidge, Forkhill and Swallow Moss.



Leek Closed Impact area

Within the training area known as Leek Upper Hulme, there is an area designated as the ‘closed impact area’.

The area is bounded to the west by the A53 Leek to Buxton main road to the east by ‘Dry Stones’ and Morridge. To the south by South Swainsmoor and north by North Swainsmoor.

The area is fully enclosed with fencing and is fully signed stating there is no entry because of possible unexploded ordnance.

No entry is allowed at any time and all queries should be addressed to the following contact numbers:
Training Safety Officer: 01785 763134
Operations Room: 01874 635599 (24 hours)
Helpdesk: 0800 0223334 (24 hours)

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Published 11 October 2019