Crown Representatives

In 2011 the Cabinet Office introduced a new approach for how government engages with its key suppliers, introducing the ‘Crown Representative’ network to act as a focal point for particular groups of providers looking to supply to the public sector.

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Crown Representatives help the government to act as a single customer. They work across departments to ensure a single and strategic view of the government’s needs is communicated to the market, identify areas for cost savings, and act as a point of focus for cross-cutting supplier-related issues.

Additionally they enable ideas or suggestions raised by the market or individual suppliers to be shared amongst government’s commercial community.

Crown Representatives work with departments’ existing commercial teams. Often they will step in to resolve disputes or lead on negotiations where a government-wide deal is being sought.

There are Crown Representatives covering all sectors of service provision, from small and medium enterprises and voluntary sector organisations, through to mutually owned organisations, large suppliers and specific sectors such as banking services.

The government is committed to doing business in new and innovative ways and the team of Crown Representatives is at the heart of this work and the reforms currently underway.

The Crown Representative team

Crown Representatives manage either a small pool of government’s key strategic suppliers, or represent a particular sector of the market. There are around 30 suppliers who hold a wide portfolio of significant contracts across a number of departments managed in this way, drawn predominantly from the ICT, business process outsourcing, banking services, and facilities management sectors.

Additionally some Crown Representatives address and represent the needs of specific groups of providers such as SMEs, voluntary sector organisations, social enterprises, and to support and foster the creation of new commercial models for delivery of public services.

The team of Crown Representatives is led by Cabinet Office Chief Procurement Officer Bill Crothers. The team consists of:

  • Matt James
  • Meryl Bushell
  • Vincent Godfrey
  • Ann Pedder
  • Graham Jackson
  • Alan Coppin
  • Julie Scattergood
  • James Hall
  • Nick Griffin
  • Matt Gould
  • Keith Burgess
  • Rob Wilmott
  • Stephen Guy
  • Andrew Forzani
  • Brendan Peilow
  • Michael Wade
  • Stephen Allott
  • Michael O’Toole
  • Lex Greensill
  • Ian Tyler

Strategic Supplier Roundtable

28 June 2012

The Minister for the Cabinet Office hosted a roundtable on 28 June 2012 with a group of the government’s strategic suppliers and industry representatives. The meeting relaunched the approach to supplier management introduced in 2010 and reinforced the ongoing importance of treating the government as a ‘single customer’ and engaging actively through the Crown Representatives. In addition, and as part of Open Public Services, attendees considered opportunities to explore new approaches for public service delivery.

Read the summary note for the meeting (PDF, 41KB).

The Minister for the Cabinet Office has committed to reviewing this list at regular intervals to ensure the government’s focus remains relevant as of November 2012.

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