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United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV) is the main UK government provider of security clearances.

UKSV Enquiry Centre

When contacting us sponsors are required to identify themselves by their sponsor ID. ASI/VSI information can only be discussed with registered sponsors that have NSVS sponsor accounts.

If you have forgotten your sponsor ID or you have registered for an account but not received your sponsor ID yet, please contact the UKSV enquiry centre. You will be asked a number of questions to establish your identity. Once your identity has been confirmed we will inform you of your sponsor ID.

If you have not registered for an account please contact your authorising body or DSO. If you are MOD, a list of authorising bodies can be found on the Defence Net / UKSV Team site / Departmental Security Authorities link. Other government department sponsors should contact their DSO.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm


01904 662 644 Military: 94777 2644


Postal Address:

United Kingdom Security Vetting
Building 107
Imphal Barracks
Fulford Road
York YO10 4AS


How to make a complaint to UKSV via Defence Business Services (DBS).

Concerns about accuracy or relevance of personal data

If you feel that any of the information held on you is not correct or needs updating, or if you have concerns about the way it is processed, please contact the NSV Data Protection Officer.


The vetting charter sets out the rights which people are entitled to when undergoing the vetting process. If you think the DV interview was conducted unfairly or improperly see our complaints procedure.

We treat anyone who goes through the vetting process fairly. We take care to ensure that all information we collect during the vetting process is accurate.

All personal information gathered during the vetting process is handled in the strictest confidence. If serious risks have been identified, we may discuss cases with the appropriate authority.

In a small number of cases, and only where the individual being vetted agrees, line management may be provided with some relevant information and be asked to help manage the risk. There is a remote possibility of disclosure of vetting information in connection with criminal or civil proceedings.

Vetting Charter

  • we will treat our vetting subjects, referees and stakeholders fairly, openly and with respect. Vetting subjects and referees may change their mind about taking part in the vetting process at any time
  • any information that is given to us will be treated in confidence
  • vetting interviews will be carried out in private at a mutually agreed time and location
  • if vetting subjects or referees prefer to be interviewed by a Vetting Officer of their own sex, age profile or ethnic group, we will try to accommodate their request
  • vetting subjects and referees may ask us to justify any questions that they feel are irrelevant or invade their privacy unduly without good reason
  • we will offer vetting subjects the option of receiving a copy of the vetting interview, unless the organisation that requires the clearance has a different policy
  • we will give customers, stakeholders and interviewees the chance to provide feedback about our service and the vetting process and advise them how to complain should they wish to do so
  • if we refuse a vetting clearance we will tell the vetting subject what actions are available to them


We welcome your feedback about the service we provide. Please contact us using the email address

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