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United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV) is the main UK government provider of security clearances.

Before contacting us

Before contacting the UKSV Helpdesk, please read the information contained in the links below. Answers to most queries can be found within these pages.


UKSV National Security Vetting Solution: Guidance for applicants

Existing clearance holders


UKSV National Security Vetting Solution: Guidance for sponsors

Decision Maker

Referees, Hiring Managers, Contractors and Consultants

Forms and Guidance

International personnel security clearance

Contacting the UKSV Helpdesk

The UKSV Helpdesk launched on December 12 2022, replacing the previous Enquiry Centre service provided by MOD. All vetting applicant and sponsor queries should be directed to the UKSV Helpdesk.

Sponsors, applicants and existing clearance holders can now submit your enquiries directly to the UKSV Helpdesk via our web portal.

We recommend using this method as it will ensure the correct information is captured and categorised so that our teams can process it as quickly as possible. However, if your enquiry type cannot be found on the form, you can still contact us by email. 

  • The UKSV Helpdesk contact address for all vetting enquiries is

  • The UKSV Helpdesk phone number is 0330 058 8290.

  • The phone lines are open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm and on Fridays from 8am to 1pm.

Help us to help you

The UKSV Helpdesk would like to help you with your query as quickly as possible. To help us do this, when contacting the UKSV Helpdesk please make sure you are prepared with all the necessary information:

If you are a Sponsor, please provide us with:

  • Your Sponsor ID. This is needed every time you need to contact us.
  • Subject’s full name.
  • Subject’s Date of Birth / Case ID

Please note:

  • ASI / VSI information can only be discussed with registered Sponsors who have NSVS Sponsor accounts. If you have forgotten your Sponsor ID or if you have registered for an account but not received your Sponsor ID yet, please contact the UKSV Helpdesk. You will be asked a number of questions to establish your identity. Once your identity has been confirmed we will inform you of your Sponsor ID.

  • If you have not registered for an account please contact your authorising body or Departmental Security Officer: If you are MOD, a list of authorising bodies can be found on the Defence Net / UKSV Team site / Departmental Security Authorities link. Other government department sponsors should contact their DSO.

Vetting Applicant

If you are a Vetting Applicant please provide us with:

  • Your full legal name and Date Of Birth on all correspondence
  • Town of Birth
  • Case ID if known.

Failure to pass the security questions will result in your request being refused.

Without the above information the UKSV Helpdesk is unable to respond to queries received and this will delay responses to your queries.

If you are calling in response to receiving a Reminder Email requesting urgent action - please fully check your Spam / Junk folders for the original request, before contacting the UKSV Helpdesk.

Please note that a Change of Personal Circumstances (CPC) should now be submitted via the NSVS portal and not to the Helpdesk unless your organisation has alternative arrangements as set out in this guidance.

Security Appraisal Forms (SAFs) should be submitted via the sponsor portal if possible, please refer to the guidance here.

Please also note that the Helpdesk is also unable to view or reset PINs, Passwords or Usernames. This is a self-service function that will need to be done on the portal. If you are unable to log into the portal it is advisable to use ‘Forgotten Username’ before attempting to use ‘Forgotten Password’.

Enquiries Process

We would also like to remind you of the types of enquiries that should be directed to our other points of contact rather than the UKSV Helpdesk:

Enquiry Next Steps
Vetting Status Information (VSI) requests Please use VSI self-service and only contact the Helpdesk if this service does not provide the information you require.
Subject Access Requests (SARs) Please see Obtaining Personal Information Held By UKSV


How to make a complaint to UKSV.

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  1. UKSV Helpdesk phone service will be unavailable on both Bank Holidays in May 2024 - details added

  2. Please note that the UKSV Helpdesk will be operating an email-only service on April 16-17 due to staff training. Additional phone service will be offered on Friday 19 April from 8am-4pm.

  3. UKSV Helpdesk Easter Bank Holiday opening hours added

  4. Link added to new UKSV Helpdesk web portal service. Details of Christmas and New Year opening times added.

  5. UKSV Helpdesk phone opening hours have been extended and the lines are now open on Fridays. As of 15 Sept 2023 the lines will be open Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm and Friday from 8am-1pm.

  6. Contact details added for the new UKSV Helpdesk phone service which is now open to vetting applicants from June 19 2023.

  7. Contact info updated re anticipated launch timescale for the Helpdesk phone service

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