United Kingdom Security Vetting: Decision Maker

United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV) is the main UK government provider of security clearances.

What a decision maker does

The decision maker will be someone within your Vetting Authority who will assess your suitability to hold clearance against the Vetting Decision Framework (VDF). If you require further information on the decision-making process please see the Decisions Process within United Kingdom Security Vetting: Applicant

How to access the case management system (CMS) as a decision maker

The NSVS CMS is the main vetting system which manages and processes all vetting cases. It is available to designated decision makers. The CMS is accessible through the RLI, PSN Protect (IL3) and PNN networks at Impact Level 3 (IL3). It allows decision makers visibility of all the information linked to a vetting case on which to base their clearance decision.

There are an array of benefits for decision makers who gain access to the NSVS Case Management System (CMS):

  • Increased and targeted automation, coupled with improved cross agency interfaces, will result in a decrease in processing times for straightforward applications

  • Less time will be spent on clerical effort

  • Decision makers will have real time access to vetting information on which to base their decision making

Access to NSVS CMS is restricted to authorised users holding a valid security clearance of SC or above. This must be confirmed by the account requestor and will be verified by us prior to account creation. NSVS CMS users must immediately stop accessing any part of the system if their security clearance ceases to be valid and this fact must be reported immediately to the Vetting Authority and System Administrators.

This will ensure we can maintain our current level of confidence in the personnel security credentials of all NSVS CMS users as an extra level of assurance in the security and integrity of NSVS and the protection of its data. If you require further information contact the UKSV Enquiry Centre.

Published 14 August 2019