The vetting charter

Updated 12 July 2023

We are committed to making vetting accessible to all users. If you have specific needs, we will make reasonable adjustments wherever possible.

What you can expect during the process and when you hold a clearance

Treat you with dignity and be non-judgemental

We understand and respect differences in background and experience. We will treat you - and for the highest level of clearance any referees we speak to as a part of the vetting process - with dignity and respect. We will listen to your concerns and answer your questions clearly. We will always treat you as an individual.

Provide a helpful, efficient, effective and transparent service

We will help you understand and navigate the process and be clear about why we are asking the questions we do. We will deal with the information you give us confidentially, quickly and efficiently. If you have any concerns we will address them as quickly as possible.

Be professional

We will ensure our staff are expert, accessible and approachable - they come from all walks of life too. We will quality assure the service you receive. We will be sensitive to any difficulties and concerns you might have.

Protect your information and respect your privacy

We will protect the information you share and any other personal data we hold about you. Read the UKSV Privacy Notice. If we need to ask for more information we will explain why.

Only do what is reasonable in respect of delivering proportionate people risk management

We will only do what is reasonable in respect of understanding any potential risks to you from holding security clearance. Where we cannot grant clearance, we will provide as full an explanation of the reasons why as we are able to.

Deal with complaints quickly and fairly, provide a complaints mechanism and a formal appeals process if clearance is refused for existing employees

We will deal with your complaints or any appeal as quickly as we can. Our team will try to resolve complaints where it can, but if you are not satisfied that we are meeting these standards then there is a complaint process you can follow.

What we expect from you

Be straight forward and engage

Be open, and engage with the process as completely as you can. Provide us with all the relevant facts and information about your current and recent addresses, spent and unspent convictions, and any additional information we ask you for. Remember that our staff are here to help you through the process, so please treat them with respect.

Recognise that holding a security cleared role brings responsibilities

We expect you to continue to engage with us for as long as you have a security cleared role.

Keep us informed of any changes in your personal circumstances that might be relevant

Follow our guidance on how to fill in the forms and get in touch with us as soon as possible if you need help.

Keep accurate records and protect your information

Keep accurate records of what you tell us, as far as possible. Do not share confidential information with others and tell us straight away if you think someone else knows your application details, such as passwords to the vetting website.

Provide as much detailed information as possible

Please also take care to avoid mistakes when you send us information.

Respond in good time

Send us your questionnaire, any requests for additional information and, where applicable, your interview availability as quickly as you can.

Tell us how we did

We really want your feedback. You will have the opportunity to provide this when your vetting application is complete. Let us know how well the process met your expectations, anything that concerned you, or things we might improve.