United Kingdom Security Vetting: forms and guidance

This series brings together forms and guidance documents relating to United Kingdom Security Vetting.

Forms and guidance documents by the United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV) United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV).

All forms should be sent to the following address:

United Kingdom Security Vetting
Building 107
Imphal Barracks
Fulford Road
York YO10 4AS




  1. Change of personal circumstances questionnaire: change of nationality
  2. Change of personal circumstances questionnaire: criminal conviction/arrest/caution
  3. Change of personal circumstances questionnaire: financial issues
  4. UKSV National Security Vetting: change of personal circumstances
  5. National Security Vetting: security appraisal form
  6. Security check / counter terrorist check questionnaire: NSV001
  7. Developed vetting questionnaire: NSV002
  8. Financial questionnaire: NSV003
  9. National Security Vetting: CTC and SC completing your security questionnaire
  10. National Security Vetting: DV completing your security questionnaire
Published 29 May 2013
Last updated 12 April 2018 + show all updates
  1. Included 2 new forms with hints and tips on completing a security questionnaire

  2. Removal of obsolete publications

  3. Re-branded to United Kingdom Security Vetting

  4. Removal of obsolete form

  5. Removal of old form links

  6. Guidance added

  7. New forms included

  8. Added DBS National Security Vetting: e-form portal vetting subject user guide DV

  9. Added DBS National Security Vetting: Aftercare information.

  10. Added announcement regarding DBS NSV forms and address ot send forms to.

  11. Added new group for publications.

  12. Removed NSV forms: guidance with IE compatibility settings as moved to DBS National Security Vetting: technical specification requirements.

  13. Added compatability with IE guidance.

  14. Added submitting a vetting e-form to guidance group.

  15. Added International Customer Sponsor Account application form

  16. First published.