United Kingdom Security Vetting: forms and guidance

This series brings together forms and guidance documents relating to United Kingdom Security Vetting.

Published 29 May 2013
Last updated 13 September 2023 + show all updates
  1. Consent form for release of personal medical information has been added

  2. Forms section updated

  3. Included 2 new forms with hints and tips on completing a security questionnaire

  4. Removal of obsolete publications

  5. Re-branded to United Kingdom Security Vetting

  6. Removal of obsolete form

  7. Removal of old form links

  8. Guidance added

  9. New forms included

  10. Added DBS National Security Vetting: e-form portal vetting subject user guide DV

  11. Added DBS National Security Vetting: Aftercare information.

  12. Added announcement regarding DBS NSV forms and address ot send forms to.

  13. Added new group for publications.

  14. Removed NSV forms: guidance with IE compatibility settings as moved to DBS National Security Vetting: technical specification requirements.

  15. Added compatability with IE guidance.

  16. Added submitting a vetting e-form to guidance group.

  17. Added International Customer Sponsor Account application form

  18. First published.