UKSV National Security Vetting: change of personal circumstances

Change of personal circumstances form from United Kingdom Security Vetting. Only for use by holders of a current DV, SC, Level 1B or CTC security clearance.


Change of Personal Circumstances

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UKSV has introduced a new process to allow a Change of Personal Circumstances (CPC) to be submitted via the NSVS portal. Clearance holders are asked to use the CPC portal service if at all possible.

You no longer need to download and email a copy of the Change of Personal Circumstances (CPC) form to UKSV, unless your organisation has specific agreement with UKSV that a manual form is required.

A copy of the form is retained on this page for use only in those exceptional circumstances.

If you hold a DV, SC, Level 1B or CTC security clearance and there is a significant change to your personal circumstances you should notify UKSV.

All holders of a valid clearance can access the CPC portal service via NSVS.

Please follow the new process via the CPC portal wherever possible.

However, should you still need to submit a Change of Personal Circumstances form manually and your organisation has prior agreement with UKSV, open the attached PDF document on this page and enter your details. Save a copy of the completed CPC to your desktop, then email the completed form as an attachment to

Please note that from 1st December 2022 the old CPC mailbox has been permanently closed.

How to contact UKSV

Change of Personal Circumstances: Gender

As a holder of national security clearance, you are required to update UKSV when you have a change in personal circumstances, using the portal as outlined above. If you have changed your gender, there is currently no need to update UKSV with this information, and we do not require a copy of your Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) as gender change is not a national security concern.

However, if you have changed your name, then we will need to be informed of this.

Legally, UKSV is required to receive a change of name CPC when someone has received a legal document confirming this, such as:

  • marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • overseas marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • enrolled deed poll
  • unenrolled deed poll or change of name deed
  • statutory declaration or affidavit
  • baptismal or confirmation certificate (for first names only)
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of naturalisation or registration
  • adoption order/certificate
  • Application Form 24 (recording Changes of Forename(s) and Surname(s) in Scotland)

Whilst there is no requirement to update UKSV with a change in gender, if you have;

  • Changed your gender but you haven’t changed your name legally
  • Changed your pronouns
  • You haven’t yet received your legal documents
  • You intend on keeping your name as it is legally but would like to add an alias

You are very welcome to use the portal to update us of this, using the change of name section and adding more detail. To reiterate, in these circumstances this is a personal choice, and you will not be penalised if you do not do this.

We would encourage that in any future interactions with us, such as during a clearance renewal interview, you inform us of your preferred name and/or personal pronouns, to ensure any conversations with you are inclusive.

More information on your data and privacy can be found on this link

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