Change of personal circumstances questionnaire: financial issues

Follow this guidance if you hold a DV or SC clearance and there is a significant change in your financial circumstances.



If you hold a DV, SC or CTC security clearance and there is a significant change in your financial circumstances, you should inform UKSV of this change.

Please be aware that you should now inform UKSV of a Change of Personal Circumstances (CPC) via the NSVS portal. All clearance holders are asked to use the CPC portal service. If you are unable to access the portal, please contact the UKSV Helpdesk for support. 

All holders of a valid clearance can access the CPC portal service via NSVS.

Copies of the Change of Personal Circumstances Questionnaire: Financial Issues and the Financial Questionnaire (form NSV003) are no longer retained on Clearance holders should access and complete these forms using the CPC portal process. 

If your organisation has specific prior agreement with UKSV that a manual form is required for a CPC you can request these forms, in these exceptional circumstances only, by contacting to explain your situation and request the appropriate forms for submission by email.

Please note that the old CPC mailbox was permanently closed from 1st December 2022.

If you are submitting any information via an email form that directly relates to National Security or is protected information please do ensure that you reclassify this document as Official Sensitive and protect it accordingly. In these instances we would advise you to send the information via secure email rather than over the open internet.

Where an email form will be accompanied by a completed Financial Questionnaire (form NSV003), consideration should be given to the statement below prior to sending.

Before you send this information electronically, we must make you aware that if you are sending it over the internet (i.e. from a non-secure mailbox) then it may be open to abuse because it is transmitted over an unsecured network. Where possible you should use a work email on a secure network.

Published 7 October 2016
Last updated 24 April 2024 + show all updates
  1. Copy of form removed - users directed to CPC portal process or contact mailbox.

  2. Guidance updated to reflect new CPC portal process. CPC form mailbox has been updated from MOD to Cabinet Office

  3. Attachment has been updated to an interactive version

  4. Updated guidance for submitting the completed form.

  5. Guidance for sending forms electronically whilst Covid-19 measures are in place has been added.

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