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UK policies on openness, transparency and public accountability.

The UK’s third Open Government National Action Plan 2016-18 (NAP), published during the Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Summit on 12 May 2016, builds on the first and second plans published in September 2011 and September 2013.

It sets out 13 commitments in line with the Open Government Partnership values of access to information, civic participation, public accountability, and technology and innovation. Our third NAP was developed in dialogue with the UK Open Government Network (OGN), a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making government and other powerful institutions work better for people through enhanced transparency, participation and accountability. Presently the OGN has more than 700 members.

We are committed to Open Government, not just every two years when we publish a new NAP, but as business as usual. The UK’s fourth National Action Plan for 2018-2020 will launch in summer 2018. It is being developed in collaboration with the UK’s Open Government network.

Join the UK Open Government Network to get involved and help inform the UK’s fourth National Action Plan.

Commitments in the third UK NAP include:

  • The UK being the first G7 country to commit to the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) for contracts administered by a central purchasing authority, the Crown Commercial Service. This means that the whole process of awarding public sector contracts - from bidding right through to building - was made public for the first time in 2016

  • Leading the world in creating an open register of beneficial ownership so everyone can see who owns what in Britain. The UK’s register went live in 2016

  • The introduction of reusable unique identifiers to the UK’s published government grants data and central procurement data. This represents a step change in how people can monitor how government is spending taxpayers’ money

Open Government National Action Plan 2016 to 2018

The third UK Open Government National Action Plan was published in May 2016. This plan set out commitments to open government in the UK and the ambitions of the UK Government for the next two years.

This updated version of the third Open Government National Action Plan includes new commitments from each of the devolved administrations: the Northern Ireland Executive, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government.

This plan has been co-created with members of civil society and active citizens, coordinated through our open government networks. We are committed to continue to work with civil society to both implement and develop commitments in future.

Open Government Partnership: UK National Action Plan 2013

Our second NAP, published at the OGP Summit in London in October 2013, and progress against delivery

UK chairmanship of OGP (2012 to 2013)

From September 2012 to October 2013, we were the lead co-chair of the OGP, culminating in the OGP summit in London in October 2013.

OGP UK 2011 National Action Plan

Our first NAP was published at the launch of the OGP in September 2011. Our self assessment report provides an honest account of the UK’s performance up to April 2013.

Published 31 May 2016
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