Open standards for government data and technology

Shared, open cross-government standards make services better for users and cheaper to run.

We need your help to set standards for software interoperability, data and document formats in government IT.

These will follow open standards principles and will be applied across government to make services better for users and cheaper to run.

Get involved in the process for determining the adopted standards.

Adopted open standards for government

Government must use the selected open standards, and consider the recommended standards, for government data and technology.

How open standards are chosen

Find out who selects open standards, and how the process works so that it remains fair and transparent.

  1. Who selects open standards
  2. How open standards are selected
  3. Open standards principles

Current open standards challenges

Find out about the current open standards challenges, comment on them or propose a new one.

  1. Current Open Standards challenges

Get involved in the open standards challenge process

Find out how you can suggest a new challenge, comment on current challenges or become a challenge owner. Find out how to write a proposal and how they’re assessed.

Published 12 July 2017